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The Gordons formed in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1980 and were comprised of Alister Parker (Guitar/Vocals), John Halvorsen (Bass) and Brent McLachlan (Drums). With a sound both edgy post-Punk and semi-industrial, they toured and recorded throughout 1980, and in December released their first single "Future Shock". In late 1981, they recorded their first album The Gordons, which was voted album of 1981 in music magazine Ripitup, and subsequently split up. In late 1983, though, they re-emerged with Alister Parker replaced by new singer/guitarist Vince Pinker, and released their second album "Volume Two" in 1984. From late 1984 to 1986, the original line-up of The Gordons reformed and began recording material, which they later refused to release.

During this late period, John Halvorsen joined the Skeptics, while in 1986, Alister Parker formed a new band initially called Nelsh Bailter Space. Halvorsen joined the now truncated Bailter Space in 1987, and in 1989, the original Gordans lineup was reunited when Brent McLachlan also joined the band.

In 2013 The Gordons' debut was named a New Zealand Classic album at the annual Taite Awards. , , Wikipedia
Aliases:Bailter Space
Members:Alister Parker, Brent McLachlan, John Halvorsen, Vince Pinker
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