Zakon Żebrzących

Polish punk band from Gryfów Śląski, Lower Silesia founded in 1986 as Kaftan Bezpieczeństwa (Straight Jacket). Under the new name - Zakon Żebrzących ("Mendicant Order" or literally "Order Of Beggars") - they have released only one demo - "Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.)" in 1989. Second recording of the band was released post mortem in 2001. After disbanding in the early 90's some of the members formed Acerbus Artifex. Zakon Żebrzących reunited in 1998 to play some gigs and record an LP. Disbanded permanently shortly after. Zakon Żebrzących played their last concert in Krzewie Wielkie at Rock Andrzejki in 1999. Szunio plays currently in Amanita Muscaria with Mokry (one of the members from the reunited Zakon Zebrzących line-up). Recently members of Zakon Żebrzących formed a band called Cierpki. So far they play only Zakon Żebrzących and Acerbus Artifex songs.



Zakon Żebrzących - Animal Liberation Front album art Zakon Żebrzących Animal Liberation Front (Album) GZG Records Poland 1989 Sell This Version
none Zakon Żebrzących - Zakon Żebrzących album art Zakon Żebrzących Zakon Żebrzących(Cass, Album) Zima none Poland 2001 Sell This Version

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