Time Modem

Real Name:
Joachim Wilhelm & Ulrich Wilhelm


Time Modem - Transforming Tune album art Time Modem Transforming Tune (Album) BOY Records Germany 1992 Sell This Version
BOY 2808-2, boy 2808-2 Time Modem - Beyond album art Time Modem Beyond(CD, MiniAlbum) BOY Records, BOY Records BOY 2808-2, boy 2808-2 Germany 1993 Sell This Version
BOY 2816-2 Time Modem - Subcutan album art Time Modem Subcutan(CD, Album) BOY Records BOY 2816-2 Germany 1995 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Time Modem - Welcome To The 90's album art Time Modem Welcome To The 90's (Maxi) BOY Records Germany 1990 Sell This Version
Time Modem - The Time Of The Gathering album art Time Modem The Time Of The Gathering (Maxi) BOY Records Germany 1990 Sell This Version
Time Modem - Mantel Der Nacht album art Time Modem Mantel Der Nacht (Maxi) BOY Records Germany 1991 Sell This Version
Time Modem - Ibogain (My E*Motion) album art Time Modem Ibogain (My E*Motion) (Maxi) Royal Records Netherlands 1996 Sell This Version
Time Modem - Kennedy <Ich Bin Ein Berliner> album art Time Modem Kennedy <Ich Bin Ein Berliner> (Single, EP) BOY Records Germany 1997 Sell This Version


BRB 10001-2 Time Modem - The Experience - Best Of Time Modem album art Time Modem The Experience - Best Of Time Modem(CD, Comp) BOY Records BRB 10001-2 Germany 2006 Sell This Version

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December 22, 2013
edited over 3 years ago
These 2 brothers are very talented and extremely underrated. Just have a look at their releases and count the number of people who own and rated them, not many right! What happened to all those people who consider themselves intelligent just because they listen to a genre called intelligent dance music, why aren't they here commenting! I think they take themselves too seriously to acknowledge when something is ACTUALLY good. Anyways, these guys deserve hell of a lot more credit but to be honest sometimes I rather not tell people about them and just keep it a secret. It's the music that matters and whenever I play their tracks it usually catches people off guard, they always want to know the name.

So, what defines a good artist? Is it quantity over quality or vise versa? There are many prolific artists with dozen or more albums, yet in all their efforts you might be lucky to find 1 or 2 good tracks in their entire Discography. Then there are those obscure artists with one or two albums but dozens of good tracks. I'll give you an example - Aphex Twin has 6 albums and countless number of EPs under different aliases so his output is 5 or 6 times that of Time Modem, yet I can only find 3 or 4 tracks in his entire repertoire worth coming back to over and over. I HAVE listened to everything he has done multiple times so my assessment is not based on one EP or one album, but hey he's got an army of fanboys behind him so what do I know...

When it comes to Time Modem, you get 2 full length albums, 1 mini album and 5 singles. Not double counting the singles that were included in the albums they have made roughly 30 tracks under this alias plus handful of other singles and couple of compilation only tracks. Once you add everything up, their entire output is less than 50 tracks, and yet I find 24 of those tracks timeless and worthy of repeated listening. Some artists make one or two good tracks before it's time for them to pack up and go home, others like Time Modem are here to stay.

I discovered Time Modem back in 1996 after hearing one of their tracks in a compilation on BOY Records; right away I knew I had to find out more. There was no Discogs or any online marketplace so importing their albums from Germany was not an easy task, but I did it. To this day I still consider "Transforming Tune" one of the best electronic albums of 1992 which has aged gracefully with time. When you listen to this album in 2013 consider that it was made 21 years ago when techno and trance were in their most primitive state; these years gave us some amazing tunes and very embarrassing ones as well. What matters is that most of Time Modem's music is not bound by time or genre; I mentioned techno and trance earlier because that's what they usually get listed under. If I had to describe their style it would be a blend of Electro New Beat and Avantgarde Space Techno that is both intelligent and enjoyable, the type you put in your car and just cruise away. Tastes do change, but good music stands the test of time; that's why I liked them in 1996 and still do in 2013.

So what about their albums? Are they all good? For the most part they are consistent but their best work remains "Transforming Tune" from 1992. This album has 10 tracks, 6 of which get a solid 5/5. The other 4 tracks are very good too. Everyone will have their favorite track but this is how I would rate their albums and EPs after years of listening.

Transforming Tune (1992) 5/5 (I refrain from calling it a "masterpiece" since the word has lost all meaning and has since become a cliche on Discogs)
1. Wibanah (BPM 80) 5/5
2. Suono Elettrico 4/5
3. Welcome To The 90's 5/5
4. Projekt DZ 1100 4/5
5. Giediprim 5/5
6. Intensitive World 5/5
7. The Time Is Over 4/5
8. Space And Time 5/5
9. Caladan 5/5
10. Mantel Der Nacht 4/5

Beyond (1994) 4/5
1. Klangdynamische Bewegung 5/5
2. Markandeya 5/5
3. Zvyozdny 5/5
4. Hommage An El 3/5
5. Wibanah (Follow Me) 5/5
6. Act Of Grace 4/5

Subcutan (1995) 3.5/5
1. Ibogain 5/5
2. Promise Of Shadows 5/5
3. Muskat 5/5
4. Some Things Are Worth Reflecting For 3/5
5. Memories Of Blue 4/5
6. Elements 2 3/5
7. Frülingsblüten 3/5
8. Sommernacht 3/5
9. Herbstwald 3.5/5
10. Winterschlaf 4/5

Singles & EPs:

Under Time Modem Alias:
1. Welcome To The 90's (1990) 5/5 (both tracks were included in "Transforming Tune" album)
2. The Time Of The Gathering (1990) 5/5 (this single was not included in "Transforming Tune" album)
3. Mantel Der Nacht (1991) 4/5 (Track 2 of this EP "Werkzeug Eines Fernen Willens" was not included in the "Transforming Tune" album, I like it better than the title track and give it 5/5)
4. Ibogain (My E*Motion) (1996) 4/5
5. Kennedy -Ich Bin Ein Berliner- (1997) 3/5 (their only commercial attempt, glad they stopped after this!)

Other Aliases
1. Deep Thought ‎– Kennedy (1990) 5/5
2. Intact ‎– Act's Of Sensation (1990) 4/5
3. OUN ‎– Galactic Dialog (1992) (4trk CDM) 4/5 (Tracks 2. Create Objects & 4. Removing Panel get 5/5) (only Joachim Wilhelm on this release)
4. OUN ‎– Megwana (1993) 3/5 (only Joachim Wilhelm on this release)
5. Crypton – Clap To This (1991) 4/5 (early Hip-House with that distinct Time Modem touch, Ulrich Wilhelm had a part in this)

Compilation Tracks - They have few but the best ones is this one:
1. Astral 5/5 (appears in Return To Technology - 10 Years Of Technology Sounds and Techno Ballads Vol. III)

There you have it! If you love electronic music in all its shapes and forms and if you are not a music snob give these guys a try.

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