Anne Linnet

Real Name:Anne Kristine Linnet

Danish singer, guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, composer and author born on July 30, 1953 in Åbyhøj, Aarhus. Linnet is a pioneer in female rock, and has remained a highly acclaimed artist in Denmark over a five-decade career.

Started her career as folk musician in 1969 and was in Tears from 1971 to 1976 with then husband Holger Laumann. Released her debut album Sweet Thing in 1973, and founded all-female band Shit & Chanel in 1973 with a.o. Lis Sørensen, with whom she also sang backing vocals for a.o Gasolin'. After Shit & Chanel dissolved in 1979, she founded Anne Linnet Band with Lis Sørensen and Sanne Salomonsen. In 1983, she founded the new wave band Marquis De Sade (7), that released three albums and broke up in 1988, but reunited in 2002 for the album Over Mig Under Mig. Thorvaldsen (En Kammeropera Af Anne Linnet) is a chamber opera, which Anne Linnet composed while she lived in Rome in 1994-1995. The opera was originally performed at the Thorvaldsen Museum on June 22, 1996. The story in the opera is a day in the life of the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen - namely his Roman birthday on March 8, 1834. In 1997, she founded her second all-female band Bitch Boys (4). Linnet has released two popular albums with lyrics by the Danish writer Tove Ditlevsen, Kvindesind and Barndommens Gade, as well as three albums for Danish musicals, Roserne Bryder Ud, Linnet • Salomonsen, and Krig Og Kærlighed. In 2022, Anne Linnet - Sange Til Livet was released that is a collection of 50 songs Anne Linnet felt did not fit into any previous release. These newly released songs were written during 2003 to 2022.

Student at Århus Statsgymnasium in 1972 and educated at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus from 1973 to 1985. In her relationship and subsequent marriage in 1974 with Holger Laumann, she had the daughter Evamaria Linnet in 1973 and the son Marcus Linnet in 1977. Linnet's memoir "Testamentet" (2012) describes multiple homosexual relationships, and her bisexuality is reflected in some of her songs, for example "Smuk Og Dejlig" from Shit & Chanel - Shit & Chanel. After her father died in 1979, as well as after her divorce from Holger Laumann in 1985, she had tremendous productivity with album releases, and moved to Copenhagen with her children. In a second marriage with male model Mads Buhl Nielsen, she had son and later solo artist Xander Linnet in 1988. In a registered partnership with 34 years younger woman Tessa Franck since 2010 and divorced in 2013. Met 38 years younger woman Kathrine Kjær in 2017 and married her in 2019. They decided it was time to part ways by getting divorced in 2022. , , , , Wikipedia , Facebook , , , ,
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