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Crowded House are a rock band formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 1985 but based in Auckland, New Zealand, since 1988. Originally active from 1985 to 1996. The founding members were New Zealander Neil Finn (vocalist, guitarist, primary songwriter) and Australians Paul Hester (2) (drums) and Nick Seymour (bass). Later band members included Neil Finn's brother Tim Finn, Peter Jones (3) and Americans Mark Hart and Matt Sherrod (2).

Mark Hart who had toured with the group joined as a permanent member in 1993. Founding drummer Hester left in the band in May 1994 citing family reasons. He briefly returned for their "Farewell to the World" concerts in Melbourne and Sydney in 1996 and also played on three new tracks recorded for the album "Recurring Dream" (1996). His replacement was Peter Jones who remained with the group until they disbanded in 1996.

On 26 March 2005, Hester died by suicide. In 2006, the group re-formed with new drummer Matt Sherrod and released two further albums in 2007 and 2010.

In November 2016 they were inducted into the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Hall of Fame.

On 9 December 2019, Neil Finn unveiled via his official web site that the band's new line-up - alongside himself and Seymour - would add Mitchell Froom, Liam Finn and Elroy Finn. As a result, Mark Hart and Matt Sherrod would no longer participate.

Although other New Zealand solo acts have topped the US charts, the group hold the distinction of being the only New Zealand band to have made it to #2 in the US Billboard Singles chart, with their single "Don't Dream It's Over". , Facebook , Instagram , X , Soundcloud , MySpace , , Wikipedia
Members:Craig Hooper, Elroy Finn, Liam Finn, Mark Hart, Matt Sherrod (2), Mitchell Froom, Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, Paul Hester (2), Peter Jones (3), Tim Finn
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