Les Negresses Vertes


A French band from Paris that could fit in the world-music sphere, as their sound has changed from their start in 1987.
Literally translated, the name of the band "Les Négresses Vertes" is a paradox. It translates literally as "Green Black Girls", a name that does not make a great deal of sense in English, but apparently originated from abuse hurled at them at one of their first concerts. In Paris the uniform of the garbage collection is green - and most of the workers were colored ... However, 'vert' can also mean 'fresh', so an equal translation would be "Fresh Black Girls".
The original line-up included:
Helno (Singer) (born Noël Rota in Paris, December 25, 1963 - ✝ January 22, 1993; also known as Helno Rota De Lourcqua), Jo Roz (also known as L'Ami Ro; real name Joe Ruffier des Aimes) (Piano), Stéfane Mellino (Guitar), Jean-Marie Paulus (Bass), [Laurent Gabriel=Gaby] (Drums), Matias Canavese (Accordion), Michel Ochowiak (Trumpet), Abraham Sirinix (also known as Abraham Braham) (Trombone) and Iza Mellino (Backing Vocals).

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Members:Begs, Guenole Biger, Iza Mellino, Jean-Marie Paulus, Joe Ruffier Des Aimes, Julot, Laurent Gabriel, Mathieu Crespin, Mathieu Paulus, Michel Ochowiak, Noël Rota, Olivier Gondry, Stéfane Mellino, Sydney Thiam, Zaack
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