Canadian Sweethearts

Real Name:Robert Fredriksen (Bob Regan), and Lucille Savoie (Lucille Starr)

Popular Canadian singing duo that brought together Bob Regan (2) and Lucille Starr as Bob & Lucille before becoming the Canadian Sweethearts.
They were most known for singing country but also for rockabilly, including the song, "Eeny Meeny Miney Moe".
They charted in Canada 4 times and the U.S. 3 times (one of those and Bob Regan and Lucille Starr). Their highest U.S. charted song was ""Hootenanny Express"" in 1964, which hit #45. "Don't Knock on My Door" hit #1 on the Canadian country charts in 1966 and "Lookin' Back to See" stopped at #2 in 1965. , Wikipedia ,
Aliases:Bob And Lucille
Members:Bob Regan (2), Lucille Savoie
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