Brent Arnold

Composer and cellist that has worked with Modest Mouse, Eyvind Kang, Wally Shoup, Sleater-Kinney, the Go-Betweens, Built to Spill, Mike Johnson, Brand New, Saadet Turkoz, Jihae, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Troy Swanson, Wayne Horvitz, Scott Colburn, Reggie Watts, Matthew Sperry, the Ruby Doe, 764-Hero, inBoil, Plan B, Andrew Drury, Quasi, Toshi Makihara, Jana McCall, Ota-Prota, Thickness, Timothy Young, Margo Lauritzen, Juned, Aiko Shimada, the Jet City 5, Jessica Pavone, Bub Orchestra, Jessica Lurie, Meat Mermaid, the Nod, Mark Lanegan, Matt Costa, Phil Ek, a Gun Called Tension, Seattle EXperimental Opera, Psychic Emperor, Shourangeez, the Essex Green, the Ebb and Flow, ABC Music Hospital, Volume Village, Automatic Vaudeville, the Murder City Devils, Big Cream, Kaiser Cartel, Jack, New American Wing, Jo Williamson, Arianna Solare, Filastine.
In Groups: