Matia Simovich


Los Angeles based musician, producer, and sound designer whose work is characterized by an elaborate use of analogue synthesizers and drum machines coupled with a full studio production style. Often employing large format mixing desks, hardware FX processing, and a hybrid, tape + digital based recording process, Matia has a keen interest in enabling underground aesthetics with a through and large studio production. As a sound designer, he has shared his unique sound with various leading musical instrument manufacturers (Sequential/Dave Smith Instruments, Akai Professional, Elektron, Pioneer DJ ...).

He has collaborated with Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream), having co-produced and co-written on "Machines of Desire", mixed and added production on Boy Harsher’s “Machina”, produced the debut LP’s of SRSQ and Riki for Dais Records, produced Body of Light’s Billboard charting LP “Time to Kill”, and is a full-time, founding member of the electronic music group INHALT. Most recently, he opened the Los Angeles based recording studio “Infinite Power Studios” where he actively records, produces and mixes both emerging and established artists.

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