Christian Wünsch

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Christian Wünsch
Christian Wünsch has become a well known name in the Techno scene throughout the world, especially in his native Spain. Although he was born in Monaco, he spent most of his life in the North of Spain where he still lives and produces music. He started his own labels Tsunami Records and Nine Records through which he successfully released cutting edge Techno tracks. Tsunami Records also releases music from artists such as Exium Fanon Flowers and Oscar Mulero.
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TSU005 Christian Wünsch - No Man's Land album art Christian Wünsch No Man's Land(2x12", Album) Tsunami Records TSU005 Spain 2002 Sell This Version
POLEGROUP024 Christian Wünsch - Internal Conversion album art Christian Wünsch Internal Conversion (Album) Pole Recordings POLEGROUP024 Spain 2014 Sell This Version
TSU035 Christian Wünsch - Sadistic Rituals album art Christian Wünsch Sadistic Rituals (Album) Tsunami Records TSU035 Spain 2017 Sell This Version
TSU4789 Christian Wünsch - INTROSPECTIVE album art Christian Wünsch INTROSPECTIVE(2x12", Album) Tsunami Records TSU4789 Netherlands 2020 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

SYB001 Christian Wünsch - Baxi Brazilia E.P. album art Christian Wünsch Baxi Brazilia E.P.(12", EP) SYL:LABEL SYB001 UK 1999 Sell This Version
SYB004 Christian Wünsch - Overnight Express album art Christian Wünsch Overnight Express SYL:LABEL SYB004 UK 2000 Sell This Version
SH020 Christian Wünsch - Latino Connection album art Raoul Delgardo / Christian Wünsch Raoul Delgardo / Christian Wünsch - Latino Connection Sheep Records SH020 UK 2000 Sell This Version
SHR010 Christian Wünsch - San Mista EP album art Christian Wünsch San Mista EP (EP) Sheer Recordings SHR010 UK 2000 Sell This Version
audiodrome 05 Christian Wünsch - Assymmetrical album art Christian Wünsch Assymmetrical(12") Audiodrome audiodrome 05 Spain 2000 Sell This Version
TSU002 Christian Wünsch - Offshore album art Christian Wünsch / Oscar Mulero Christian Wünsch / Oscar Mulero - Offshore Tsunami Records TSU002 Spain 2001 Sell This Version
ADV 010 Christian Wünsch - The Mark Has Been Made album art Ade Fenton & Christian Wünsch Ade Fenton & Christian Wünsch - The Mark Has Been Made Advanced ADV 010 UK 2001 Sell This Version
RXXI 002 Christian Wünsch - Despair? album art Christian Wünsch Despair? Rxxistance RXXI 002 Spain 2001 Sell This Version
TSU001 Christian Wünsch - Proved Negligence album art Christian Wünsch Proved Negligence(12") Tsunami Records TSU001 Spain 2001 Sell This Version
SH028 Christian Wünsch - Contamination album art Christian Wünsch Contamination Sheep Records SH028 UK 2002 Sell This Version
IM001 Christian Wünsch - Master Avalanche album art Christian Wünsch Master Avalanche IM Records IM001 UK 2002 Sell This Version
SH030 Christian Wünsch - Unexpected album art Christian Wünsch / Oscar Mulero Christian Wünsch / Oscar Mulero - Unexpected (EP) Sheep Records SH030 UK 2002 Sell This Version
TSU04 Christian Wünsch - TBC album art Christian Wünsch, Regis, Olga+Jozef Christian Wünsch, Regis, Olga+Jozef - TBC(12", Promo) Tsunami Records TSU04 UK 2002 Sell This Version
TSU008 Christian Wünsch - Expect Nothing album art Christian Wünsch / Exium Christian Wünsch / Exium - Expect Nothing Tsunami Records TSU008 Spain 2003 Sell This Version
TSU007 Christian Wünsch - Everything Is Ruined album art Christian Wünsch Everything Is Ruined(12") Tsunami Records TSU007 Spain 2003 Sell This Version
ASC014 Christian Wünsch - Lost Again EP album art Christian Wünsch Lost Again EP(2x12", EP) Ascend Recordings ASC014 Canada 2003 Sell This Version
NINE 003 Christian Wünsch - 9.3 Addiction album art Christian Wünsch 9.3 Addiction Nine Records NINE 003 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
PO 1 Christian Wünsch - The Damage Done album art Christian Wünsch & Oscar Mulero Christian Wünsch & Oscar Mulero - The Damage Done Pole Recordings PO 1 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
TSU09.5 Christian Wünsch - Les Paradis Artificiels album art Christian Wünsch Les Paradis Artificiels Tsunami Records TSU09.5 Spain 2004 Sell This Version
TR021 Christian Wünsch - Food Of The Gods album art Christian Wunsch* Food Of The Gods Theory Recordings TR021 UK 2004 Sell This Version
TSU010 Christian Wünsch - The Damage Done Part 2 album art Oscar Mulero & Christian Wünsch Oscar Mulero & Christian Wünsch - The Damage Done Part 2(2x12") Tsunami Records TSU010 Spain 2004 Sell This Version


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January 24, 2018
I witnessed three Christian Wunsch performances in my life thus far. Twice on his own, and once together with his equally impressive brother in arms Oscar Mulero. It is rather sad, and unfortunately all too rare that you can catch him around the ex-Yugoslav countries.
I cannot remember the dates of the first two events, but I do remember the last one. It was on 10/11/2017, during the Hard Code Project weekend, held at the Hangar of Luka Beograd. I can ascertain that his two hour performance single-handedly made it to the all time top five electronic music gigs I have attended.
Blaring and sensational would be an understatement. He is an excellent producer, especially if you are into the rougher, industrial flavor techno has to offer. He is an in demand, quality remixer, catering for some of the scenes most revered names, and some of his repaints of other people's work outshine the source material by quite some distance.
He is a label owner too, and hopefully Tsunami Records needs no introduction. Recently, mid 2017 if I remember correctly, he also launched a booking agency, Tsunami Booking. Proper artists presenting proper, gimmick free techno should that be your thing.
All around, I'd say a pretty complete techno story from one of Spain's true heroes.

But, in my opinion, what really makes Christian Wunsch stand out is when he walks up on the stage. The performances. Christ almighty. What you have is a man with enough confidence to squeeze bits and pieces of his entire career (solo work, collaborations and remixes) into a tumultuous and relentless discharge of spectacularly galvanizing energy. In his own, true style, he combines sounds of old and new, tweaking it and spicing it up for the maximum pleasure of the modern dance floor. I remember how I always left the place thinking to myself how absolutely awesome the performance was, the best part being, constructed entirely of his own music.
By this day and age, I have probably witnessed a fairly large amount of impressive industrial / techno / off-beat sets or performances, but his are quite simply in a league of their own. Good enough I just have to single them out. He banged out everything, reaching out as far back in the past as White Coats all the way to the jaw dropping rework of Xhei's Hypnotist.
His live-hybrid mix of DJ-ing, live manipulation and sound effects is incredible. I literary wanted to complete my entire Christian Wunsch discography after every gig of his I've attended. Thankfully, I am on a good way to get there.
He not only knows, but understands, the main strengths of his own body of work, comprehends what works best where, and what will move the crowd in a way they want to be moved at a specific moment in time. Absolutely stellar performance. I can hardly praise it enough.
Next time, I will travel far beyond the limits of Eastern Europe to attend one of his showcases. I can hardly wait!

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