Real Name:
Thomas Wincek
Thomas Wincek is an instrumentalist by choice, and a computer operator out of necessity. His primary interest lies in the intersection of organic and electronic means of making sound. He has studied sound, sound composition and improvisation with Nicolas Collins, John Corbett and Rob Drinkwater. As the main force behind the experimental electronic dance act Emotional Joystick, he has worked at integrating the tenants of improvisation and sonic exploration into the rubric of contemporary dance music. As a result, he has released music on a variety of independent labels, toured many portions of the United States and Europe, and has had the opportunity to play alongside such acts as Tortoise, Venetian Snares, No Means No, Dillinger Escape Plan, Otto von Shirach, Doormouse, and Eight Frozen Modules.

Recently he has become an active member in the band Collections of Colonies of Bees, and is working with them on their new album to be released on Table of the Elements, and providing rhodes piano on stage.
zod.12 Emotional Joystick - Bellicose Pacific album art Emotional Joystick Bellicose Pacific(CD, Album) Zod zod.12 US 2003 Sell This Version
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