Ted Jensen

Real Name:Ted Jensen

Ted Jensen is the Chief Mastering Engineer and Partner at Sterling Sound.
He began mastering records at Sterling in 1976 and in his first year, mastered Eagles' Hotel California then Billy Joel's The Stranger. Jensen has contributed to hundreds of Grammy winning records in his 45+ year career. He has been personally nominated for Evanescence's Fallen, Green Day's American Idiot, Alice in Chains' The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, James Taylor's Before This World and Norah Jones' Come Away with Me for which he won his first Grammy.
In 2018, Jensen opened a branch of Sterling Sound in East Nashville, TN, where he is Chief Mastering Engineer.
Where TJ appears without DMM, use Lacquer Cut At and By + ANV.
Where TJ appears with DMM (since 1985), use Mastered At and Direct Metal Mastering By + ANV. , Wikipedia
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