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Invocation - Harbringer / H.A.S.T.U.R. album art Stargazer (5) / Invocation Stargazer (5) / Invocation - Harbringer / H.A.S.T.U.R. Dies Irae Productions Singapore 1999 Sell This Version


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May 28, 2008
As the drummer of this band at the time, this release was our best material to date. it was recorded in two days at modern music studios in brisbane australia by dave lenard & and "woodsy" (infamous live engineer for australia's premier death/grind acts) who also handled our live shows.

The two left handed octopus guitarist whose name we don't speak, also performed the bass parts.

Myself and vocalist "morbid" had spent a number of years in bands together, "necrovore" being the first. a number of line-up changes prevented any real solid progression for invocation, mainly due to people just not fitting.

Being a pure underground outfit also meant that along with obscurity, came infamy.

I resigned in 2000 i think it was, also being in another working extreme band "crypt", the commitments became too overwhelming.
crypt folded shortly after.

Last i heard, invocation were still bubbling, in some dark brisbane location no doubt. in the late 90's invocation caused a hell of a stir through-out the brisbane & australian underground extreme scene, for its controversial live shows, being band from a number of venues. those that were around to see it, will remember forever...

This review was written in may 2008.
Cliff. (lupus vulpes)

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