Necromass is an Italian Black Metal band, founded in Florence in 1992.

They released the first demo "Connected Body Pentagram" in 1992. The following year they released their first 7'' Ep, "His Eyes" (Carnefician Prod.), a raw black metal work, containing, among other things, the first version of "Sodomatic Orgy of Hate" (later re-recorded for the first album "Mysteria").

In 1994, they released the second 7'' Ep "Bhoma" (Miscarriage Records) and their first full length "Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana" (Unisound International).

The second album "Abyss Calls Life" was published in 1996 (Dracma Rec.).The vocalist Carlo Bellotti (aka Charles Blasphemy) left the band after the recording of "Abyss"; then Necromass decided to ask their bassist Ain Soph Aour to play the role of lead singer as well. The same year, in September, the band embarked on the Satanic War Tour I, together with Dark Funeral.

In 1998, Necromass published the mini-cd "Chrysalis Gold" (recorded at Nadir Studios). A few months later, following to various personal problems, Necromass disbanded.

After 11 years of silence, the band announced the long-awaited reunion, driven by the re-releases of the first two albums by the German label Funeral Industries. The band is three quarters the same one that has performed dozens of concerts (including the tour with Dark Funeral) after the release of "Abyss": Ain Soph Aour (vocals, bass), John Cordoni, aka JC Chaos (guitar) and Nachzerher Mara (guitar), while Charun replaced Black Wizard (who joined Domine in 2001) on drums. In 2011, Funeral Industries reissued the CDs "Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana" (1994) and "Abyss Calls Life" (1996): remastered by Vince Mustone (Limbo, Death SS, Narr!) , both discs contain exclusive bonus tracks and new booklets.

The new album "Calix. Utero. Babalon." has been released on July the 20th, 2013. Recorded at Nadir Music Studios and produced by Funeral Industries, it represents the official comeback for the black metal band, 17 years after the last full length "Abyss Calls Life" (1996).