IT, the bands main member had a dream about creating evil music in 1987, and so in 1990 Abruptum was born. IT got in contact with ALL and EXT and together they released the demo "Abruptum - 90". But it turned out to be a failure, so they kicked out the bassist EXT. His departure gave IT and ALL a new push and so they made the demo "The Satanist Tunes". They also made a 7" EP entitled "Evil".

Unfortunatly ALL began to drink excessively and had to quit the band. IT was all alone but he soon found EVIL and together they made the demo "Orchestra of Dark". The band had also been in contact with Euronymous of DSP Records and Mayhem. He wanted to release the band's first full-length which turned out to be pure evil. The title was "Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me". Euronymous was eventually killed by Varg Vikernes, and his label's last release was Abruptum's "In Umbra Malaitae Ambulabo in Aternum in Triumpho Tenebrarum".

In 1997 they released "Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitaes" which was followed by "De Profundis Mors Vas Cousumet" miniCD in 2000. "Casus Luciferi" followed in 2004, which was a pure noise-chaos release. As IT left the scene completely, Morgan (Evil) continued the band on his own, and decided to put an end to Abruptum in 2005.

Despite this decision, in 2008, Evil decided publish new music under the Abruptum monicker. The "Maledictum" Ep anticipated 2 tracks for the new studio album. The full-length "Protestates Apocalypsis" was published in 2011.