DJ Taka

Real Name:
Takayuki Ishikawa (石川貴之)
Takayuki Ishikawa is an in-house KONAMI artist who's worked at the company since the late 1990's, his earliest known project for the company being the 1998 PlayStation Game Dolphin's Dream. As a BEMANI composer, he is best known for being the former sound director of the beatmania IIDX series, where he was the head sound director from beatmania IIDX substream all the way up to beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY. He's also composed a song for every beatmania IIDX arcade game with the single exception of substream. He has written some of the most prolific/famous songs in all of BEMANI, including Abyss, .59, A, V, sync, and many more. Takayuki's also been a regular contributor to pop'n music since pop'n music 5.

While his favorite style of music is trance and techno, often bringing classical and written tradition music concepts into electronic music, he's also produced some drum'n'bass and happy hardcore songs. Also, he has demonstrated his skills producing rock and punk songs in BEMANI several times.

Takayuki is currently the sound producer of the SOUND VOLTEX series.
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