Erik Travis

Real Name:Erik Jerome Travis

Detroit based writer / producer, making releases since the late 80s. Known for his quirky and individual style consisting of pared-down up tempo drum programming, short vocal samples, and synth stabs.

His first release was in 1987, with a song called "Programming". He created a group called "Agency of X" which then split. By 1994 f.a.c.t. productions became the label "F.A.C.T. Records, releasing his own music, of which In "The Mind Of Erik" "Rollin Thru Time" and "The Many Voices Of Erik" got the most recognition.

Quote from him - "For me, music is happiness, because someone always loves what I do." , Facebook , YouTube , Bandcamp
Aliases:I.O.S., Paradigm (2), Sound Of Mind, The Other Side Of Space
In Groups:Agency Of X, F.A.C.T., Tic (3)
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