Cattle Press

American hardcore/grind/sludgecore band from Brooklyn, New York founded in 1993 and disbanded in 2001.

Cattlepress was an American metal band from Brooklyn, New York. They began life billed as Sin, founded by erstwhile personnel from Nausea and Born Against. As Sin the band cut a split album with Spine Wrench before folding. However, the core of the band soon re-emerged as Cattlepress. A 1993 demo preceded the opening 1995 EP 'Showered In The Love Of The Abhorer'. A split album in union with Agoraphobic Nosebleed saw light of day on Bovine Records. The band ceased to be in 2001, but briefly reunited in 2007 for a benefit show.

Their sound ranged from Melvins-esque slowed down heavy metal, to straight ahead Grindcore, to convoluted, jazz breaks, most songs containg numerous time signatures shifts. The lyrical content was philosophical, inspired by such sources as Anton LaVey, Frederick Nietzsche, H.P. Lovecraft, The Necronomicon, and self-improvement guru Tony Robbins. The band had a revolving line-up, especially drummers, but mainly with Joe Capizzi and Eddie Ortiz, the latter briefly joining Candiria in 2006. Both members allied themselves with Hemlock's Lino Reca and Dim Mak drummer Brandon Thomas to found the Black Metal/ Thrash project The Dying Light.
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