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October 5, 2013
The other day I was thumbing through the record bins at Normals and I came across an unopened copy of Lamby Cake - Baltimore band Lambs Eat Ivy's 1990 Merkin Records release and I gasped. I'd always liked Lambs Eat Ivy. In fact, my experience with the band was similar to CityPaper's Brett McCabe's: "A first blush with Lambs Eat Ivy at the 14 Karat Cabaret shortly after moving here informed me that local music was going to be much, much different than what I knew in Texas."

Anyway, I had a song or two from a compilation here or there, but I'd never seen the album, so of course I immediately snatched it up.

I'm really stunned by how well it has aged. Their arty, visionary Appalachian music sounds like an early precursor to Trailer Bride or even great companion listening to early Freakwater. But more importantly, it still sounds weird and fresh and interesting.

Lambs Eat Ivy formed in the 1980s and were Nancy Andrews on violin, bass, banjo and vocals, Elizabeth Downing on vocals, banjo and washboard, and Michael Willis on vocals, guitar, percussion and banjo. Hampden resident John Gorrie (The Bobwhites), who sadly died in 2008 of a heart attack, also played in the band from 1990 until the group disbanded in 1993. They played venues like The BMA, The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, The Whitney Museum in New York and the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington.

Elizabeth and Michael still make music. They formed a band in the mid-'90s called Radiant Pig and they still perform as Lurch & Holler.