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Choke (Brazil)
Choke is a metal core band from Curitiba that began in 98 with its first demo tape, many shows in Brazil. "Manifest" (2001) split cd with band STN (Jethro Songs). "Slum Radio" (2003) album released by MNF Music, produced By João Gordo (Ratos de Porão) recorded in São Paulo in Mr.Som Studio by Marcelo Pompeu (Korzus) and special guest like: Doze from Pavilhão 9, Os Fanáticos organized fans of Atlético Paranaense among others. Choke this time was Brazilian band that most performed shows in South America. "Manifest from Sudamerica" (2008) released by Akracia Records. With political and social themes, musically mixes crossover with Latin American aspects, culture as a great source of inspiration. This album got great repercussion in Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil, and editions in Mexico (Akracia Records) and Brazil (Tempo do Rock Discos). "Latino Revolution" (2013) recorded in Curitiba. Is a metalcore with spanish lyric and influenced from Eduardo Galeano, Andrea Echeverri to Subcomandante Marcos. Ottavio Lourenço is lyricist of the band is also a philosopher and writer in November 2013 he released his first book titled "Sombrio e Tropical", edited by Editora Inverso. Contos de outros Cantos by Arte & Letra. 2015 Choke presents album: Les Liquid Temps, produced by Dimitri Heler. Sonority keep characteristic elements, but with gothic atmosphere. The lyrics are conceptualized in the thematic and inspired in the book Liquid Times of Zygmunt Bauman.

Ottavio Lourenço was born in Curitiba, is a musician, lyricist, philosopher and composer. In addition to vocalist of the metal/hardcore band "Choke, is enamored by the Philosophy in which is studious and nourishes permanent reading. Founder of bands Necroterio and Choke.Having many of his lyrics sung in several Latin American countries, and his philosophical influence resulted in the literary production and Editora Inverso

( Brasil) released in 2013 the book entitled "Sombrío y Tropical" that already had some of its contents published in many blogs, Literary journals and websites in Italy, Argentina, Portugal and Brazil.

In December 2014, his second book, "Contos de Outros Cantos", was published and published by Editora Arte & Letra / Encrenca Literatura de Invenção, a work inspired by several films made by English filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. And, all atmosphere and climate, transposed to a geographically delimited scenario, the city of Curitiba. In December of 2015 Zeitgeist / Poesías Escolhidas Editora publishes the most recent book of the author: "Vidas Transitórias".


Necroterio - Host Horror (1997)

Choke - Manifest - Split cd with STN (2001)

Choke - Slum Radio (2003)

Choke - Manifest From Sudamerica (2008)

Choke - Latino Revolution (2012)

Choke - Les Liquid Temps (2015)

Choke - Apocalyptic Carnival (single 2017)


Ottavio Lourenço - Sombrío y Tropical/Sombrio e Tropical

(Editora Inverso -2013)

Ottavio Lourenço - Contos de Outros Cantos

(Arte & Letra - Encrenca Literatura de Invenção -2014)

Ottavio Lourenço - Vidas Transitórias

( Zeitgeist/Poesias Escolhidas Editora -2015

Ottavio Lourenço - Dias de hoje, ontem e retorno do amanhã - Encontros com o tempo.

( Editora Inverso -2016/2017)



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