The line-up of this US alternative metal act, comprising Aaron Lewis (vocals), Mike Mushok (guitar), Johnny April (bass) and Jon Wyscoki (drums), came together in February 1995. The following year, having established themselves as a leading live draw, the band recorded and distributed their debut, Tormented. The album went on to sell over 4,000 copies by word of mouth, and also gained them a high-profile support slot for Limp Bizkit's Connecticut show in October 1997. An initial misunderstanding about Tormented's satanic cover art almost saw them coming to blows with Fred Durst, but Limp Bizkit's lead vocalist was impressed enough to invite the band to record demos for his production company. A contract with Flip Records ensued in early 1998, and the band decamped to Pearl Jam's studio in Seattle to record their major-label debut with producer Terry Date. A reworking of Public Enemy's "Bring The Noise", featuring Durst, was left off the final tracklisting. This proved to be a good choice, as the songs on Dysfunction eschewed the overt hip-hop influence of Limp Bizkit for a more traditional style of hard rock rooted in the early 90s sound of Alice In Chains. The band's second album, Break The Cycle, debuted at the top of the US album charts in June 2001.
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Staind - Tormented album art Staind Tormented (Album) Not On Label US 1996 Sell This Version
Staind - Dysfunction album art Staind Dysfunction (Album) Flip Records (2) US 1999 Sell This Version
Staind - Break The Cycle album art Staind Break The Cycle (Album) Flip Records (2) Japan 2001 Sell This Version
Staind - 14 Shades Of Grey album art Staind 14 Shades Of Grey (Album) Flip Records (2), Elektra Indonesia 2003 Sell This Version
Staind - Chapter V album art Staind Chapter V (Album) Flip Records (2) Argentina 2005 Sell This Version
Staind - The Illusion Of Progress album art Staind The Illusion Of Progress (Album) Roadrunner Records, Roadrunner Records US 2008 Sell This Version
Staind - Staind album art Staind Staind (Album) Flip Records (2), Atlantic Argentina 2011 Sell This Version
Staind - Live From Mohegan Sun album art Staind Live From Mohegan Sun (Album) Armoury Records Germany 2012 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

PRCS-1238-4 Staind - Suffocate / Just Go album art Staind Suffocate / Just Go(Cass, Single, Promo) Elektra PRCS-1238-4 US 1998 Sell This Version
Staind - Just Go album art Staind Just Go (Single) Flip Records (2), Elektra USA & Canada 1998 Sell This Version
PRCD 1362-2 Staind - Mudshovel album art Staind Mudshovel(CD, Single, Promo) Flip Records (2), Elektra PRCD 1362-2 US 1999 Sell This Version
PRCD-1439-2 Staind - Home album art Staind Home(CD, Single, Ltd, Promo) Flip Records (2) PRCD-1439-2 US 1999 Sell This Version
UMCR-4268-2 Staind - Outside album art Aaron Lewis From Staind With Fred Durst Aaron Lewis From Staind With Fred Durst - Outside(CD, Single, Promo) Geffen Records UMCR-4268-2 Canada 2000 Sell This Version
Staind - For You album art Staind For You (Single, Album) Flip Records (2), Elektra Europe 2001 Sell This Version
Staind - It's Been Awhile album art Staind It's Been Awhile (Maxi, Single) Flip Records (2) Europe 2000 Sell This Version
Staind - Outside album art Staind Outside (Single) Flip Records (2), Elektra Australia 2001 Sell This Version
PRCD-1771-2 Staind - Epiphany album art Staind Epiphany(CD, Single, Promo) Flip Records (2), Elektra PRCD-1771-2 US 2002 Sell This Version
Staind - So Far Away album art Staind So Far Away (Maxi, Single) Elektra, Flip Records (2) UK 2003 Sell This Version
Staind - Price To Play album art Staind Price To Play (Single) Elektra, Flip Records (2) Germany 2003 Sell This Version
Prcd 1941 Staind - How About You album art Staind How About You(CD, Single, Promo + CD) Elektra Prcd 1941 US 2003 Sell This Version
PRCD 1983, none Staind - Zoe Jane album art Staind Zoe Jane(CD, Single, Promo) Elektra, Flip Records (2) PRCD 1983, none UK 2004 Sell This Version
PRCD 302033 Staind - Falling album art Staind Falling(CD, Single, Promo) Flip Records (2), The Firm (2) PRCD 302033 US 2004 Sell This Version
Staind - Everything Changes album art Staind Everything Changes (Single) Atlantic 2005 Sell This Version
none Staind - King Of All Excuses album art Staind King Of All Excuses(CD, Single, Promo) The Firm (2) none 2005 Sell This Version
Staind - Right Here album art Staind Right Here (Single) Flip Records (2), Atlantic Europe 2005 Sell This Version

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February 14, 2018
Great band. They came a really long way. Sadly, some people don't appreciate all genres of music. I'm always open to opinions, however, who does it help to write rude comments? There's a difference between stating an opinion and straight insulting someone's hard work. I would never write something so blatantly insulting about any musician no matter how much I disliked them. I find it very sad that I keep seeing comments like that in many of these review sections of the Discogs site.

I have been a fan of Staind since the release of Dysfunction. They are very talented musicians and Aaron Lewis' voice is beautiful yet haunting at the same time. Aaron takes the very personal issues and struggles in his life and makes them the subject of most of his lyrics. The lyrics have definitely helped me when I was younger - and still today - to feel like I wasn't alone, and that someone else out there feels exactly the way I feel. In my opinion, that one of the things that make a great band.


March 20, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
If you ever saw Aaron Lewis face while he's performing ballads, you know what i'm talking about here. Its the look of a sad man struggling with constipation. His pain is so unbearable that he just can't take it anymore and he just have to record some of that painful material and sing it to fans.
Seriously, though, i can't imagine how they are able to sell millions of copies of CDs, since its almost exactly the same. Take a bit of Tool, a pinch of Alice in Chains, table spoon of Nirvana, put it in a blender and press "mix". Voila ! It's ready. And you won't know whether its called Staind, Cold, Crossfade, 10 Years or anything else, since they're pretty much the same.

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