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Dare is a hard rock band from Oldham, England, UK, fronted by Thin Lizzy keyboard player Darren Wharton. They formed in 1985, and have released seven albums to date, including the #48 UK single Blood from Stone.
The band have had four appearances in the UK Singles Chart. These include The Raindance (#62, 1989), Abandon (#71, 1989), We Don't Need a Reason (#52, 1991) and Real Love (#67, 1991).
British AOR band formed in 1985 by frontman Darren Wharton, formerly keyboard player for Thin Lizzy. Their debut album in 1988 Out of the Silence is considered a true classic from every AOR fan around the world. In 1991 they released Blood from Stone a much heavier hard rock album which is also classic for its genre although it didn't have a great success. After seven years of silence Dare changed their line up , Darren Wharton decided to start producing Dare's albums in his own studio from this point on. In 1998 Calm Before the Storm was released with a new sound of unique classic rock with balanced electric and acoustic gutitars and a multilayered production . In 2001 their next album Belief was released with a major change in the band's sound into more atmospheric classic rock along with celtic inlfluences . Dare established a really unique and trademark sound along with very emotional lyrics . In 2004 Dare released Beneath the Shining Wate" with a darkier and more sentimental laid back sound than Belief which was followed by a live DVD release Power of Nature: Live in Munich.
One of the most famous former members of Dare is Brian Cox in an Episode of Carpool (available on iTunes and Youtube he told Robert Llewellyn he joined because he lived up the road from Darren and left because they had a fight on tour in Berlin.
Members:Andrew Moore (8), Brian Cox, Darren Wharton, Gavin Mart, Greg Morgan (5), James Ross (19), Kevin Whitehead, Nigel Clutterbuck, Richie Dews, Shelley (4), Vinny Burns
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