Real Name:
Cloaca Maxima
Finnish rock band formed in 1985 in Tornio, later relocated to Helsinki/Porvoo. The current line-up consists of founding member A.W. Yrjänä (vocals, bass), Janne Halmkrona (guitar), Timo Rasio (guitar) and Olli-Matti Wahlström (drums).

CMX (short for 'Cloaca Maxima') started as a hardcore punk band singing in English, but early on switched to Finnish and eventually moved to a bit more conventional style of rock, even though their music could be described as somewhat progressive and experimental (at least when compared to the other Finnish mainstream rock groups). Known for Yrjänä's folklore-esque lyrics, riped with references to religion, mythology, cultural anthropology, philosophy and arts; themes of CMX's songs are ranging from neoliberalism (concept they vigorously oppose), love, leap of faith, life and death to, as of late, futuristic imagery.


CMX - Kolmikärki album art CMX Kolmikärki (Album, Comp) Bad Vugum Finland 1990 Sell This Version
CMX - Veljeskunta album art CMX Veljeskunta (Album, Comp) Bad Vugum Finland 1991 Sell This Version
CMX - Aurinko album art CMX Aurinko (Album) Herodes Finland 1992 Sell This Version
CMX - Aura album art CMX Aura (Album) Herodes Finland 1994 Sell This Version
CMX - Rautakantele album art CMX Rautakantele (Album) Herodes Finland 1995 Sell This Version
CMX - Discopolis album art CMX Discopolis (Album) Herodes Finland 1996 Sell This Version
CMX - Vainajala album art CMX Vainajala (Album) Herodes Finland 1998 Sell This Version
CMX - Dinosaurus Stereophonicus album art CMX Dinosaurus Stereophonicus (Album) Herodes Finland 2000 Sell This Version
CMX - Isohaara album art CMX Isohaara (Album) Herodes Finland 2002 Sell This Version
CMX - Aion album art CMX Aion (Album) Herodes Finland 2003 Sell This Version
CMX - Pedot album art CMX Pedot (Album) Herodes Finland 2005 Sell This Version
CMX - Talvikuningas album art CMX Talvikuningas (Album) Herodes Finland 2007 Sell This Version
CMX - Iäti album art CMX Iäti (Album) Herodes Finland 2010 Sell This Version
CMX - Seitsentahokas album art CMX Seitsentahokas (Album) Ratas Music Group, Ratas Music Group Finland 2013 Sell This Version
CMX - Mesmeria album art CMX Mesmeria (Album) Ratas Music Group Finland 2015 Sell This Version
CMX - Alkuteos album art CMX Alkuteos (Album) Ratas Music, Sony Music Finland 2018 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

CMX - Johannes Kastaja album art CMX Johannes Kastaja (EP) P. Tuotanto Finland 1987 Sell This Version
BAD- 5 CMX - Raivo album art CMX Raivo(7", EP) Bad Vugum BAD- 5 Finland 1989 Sell This Version
BAD-15 CMX - Tanssitauti album art CMX Tanssitauti(7", EP) Bad Vugum BAD-15 Finland 1990 Sell This Version
CMX - Musiikin Ystävälliset Kasvot album art CMX Musiikin Ystävälliset Kasvot (Single, Maxi) Bad Vugum Finland 1991 Sell This Version
777-1386602 CMX - Härjät / Kaksi Jokea album art CMX Härjät / Kaksi Jokea(CD, Single, Promo) Herodes 777-1386602 Finland 1992 Sell This Version
777-1386552 CMX - Manalainen album art CMX Manalainen(CD, Single) Herodes 777-1386552 Finland 1992 Sell This Version
7243-8670202 CMX - Kultanaamio album art CMX Kultanaamio(CD, Single) Herodes 7243-8670202 Finland 1994 Sell This Version
7243 8 67015 2 CMX - Ruoste album art CMX Ruoste(CD, Single) Herodes 7243 8 67015 2 Finland 1994 Sell This Version
7243-8670382 CMX - Pelasta Maailma album art CMX Pelasta Maailma(CD, Single) Herodes 7243-8670382 Finland 1995 Sell This Version