Natalie Rassoulis

Real Name:
Ναταλία Ρασούλη
Daughter of Manolis Rassoulis.
Natalie Rassoulis was born in London. When she was 2 years old, her family decides to return to Athens (Greece) and after a while they move to the island of Crete, where she will stay until she becomes 7 years old.
She is very familiar with the music world ever since she was a little girl as her father is the well known songwriter Manolis Rasoulis. At the age of 8, she attends music lessons in the National Conservatory and becomes a violin, classic guitar and piano player.
Later on, she will discover the greatness of classical music in singing and she devotes her self to that. At the same time she attends the class of composing music for cinema and theater with Dimitris Papadimitriou ang Giorgos Boudouvis as her teachers.
She performs all kinds of music from rock and metal to opera and greek traditional music. It was not strange therefore, her participation in four albums of a metal group named "Septic Flesh" and two with the theatrical metal group "Chaostar" as a leading singer with a great success in the Greek metal scene and abroad, characterizing her as "electric Callas" and the new Lisa Gerard and in 1997 she has been voted in Japan as best female metal singer in the world.
At the age of 14 she begun to sing in her father's concerts. During the same period she will receive excellent comments from artists like Akis Panou, Dionysis Savvopoulos, Haris Alexiou, Eleni Vitali, Ilias Andriopoulos, Christos Nikolopoulos, Ilias Katsoulis - who has been her teacher in high school and a great influence for her while he has been very supportive to her performances at the school's festivals - and many more.
One thing led to another and few years later, Natalie is ready with her debut CD "Agapa mas kai mi mas xairetas" with Virgin Records. Lyrics by Manolis Rasoulis and music by many famous greek composers such as Sokratis Malamas, Petros Vagiopoulos, Nikos Xidakis, Giorgos Gavalas and Charis Papadopoulos.
Since then, Natalie has had participation in Manolis Rasoulis albums "Sellotape" and "Ti gireveis mes tin Kina Tsaki Tsan" as in Giorgos Michas cd " Adilos Topos". At the same time she plays the violin and participates as lyrical singer, in Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Athens ( ASON ), a collaboration that endures 8 years. That gives her the opportunity to play, sing and indulge in many masterpieces of Classical Music.
She continues her participation in the Septic Flesh and Chaostar bands, taking letters of excitement from all around the world and singing along at concerts and festivals , showing great success in Metal scene in countries like the USA, Great Britain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Russia, Turkey and the Nordic countries while on 1997 she has been voted in a metal ballot in Japan, as the best metal singer in the world.
She continues to sing in the metal scene until 2003 where she decided to be more focused on classical music and Greek folk music.
At the same time she has been working at the Municipal Radio Station of Piraeus "Channel 1" for seven years producing the radio show "A song is worth a thousand words" and the year 2009-2010 is co-hostiing the Manolis Rasoulis' radio show "It' s all Greek to me" with him, in the Second Schedule of the Greek National Broadcasting ( ERT ) .
She collaborates again with Christos Antoniou, the composer of the Chaostar, on new composition of his, which work takes place in a BBC Composition Contest and which extracts the first prize.
Great moment for her was her participation, along with her father, in a festival-concert dedicated to one of the most important directors of the Turkish cinema,Yilmaz Guney, amongst great turkish and kurdish singers in Constantinople.
She participates in an important tribute to the greek kind of songs known as "rempetiko" organized in Jerusalem and sings rebetiko songs with the Israeli band "Perach Adom".
Milestone in her career it was when she was asked by Nikos Mamagkakis, who is one of the most important composers of Greece, to sing and record his songs and recently singing in the "85 years of Mikis Theodorakis" concert in Lycabetus Hill, celebrating Mikis Theodorakis' 85th birthday who is probably the best composer of Greece and one of the most important composers worldwide - in July of 2010.
The death of her father on March 5, 2011 changed dramatically her goals, handing to her the sacred weight of the vast work of the very important songwriter. She supervises albums of his songs that he himself had already planned, is fighting to protect his work and she had been editing his autobiography.
As part of this major change in her life, she collaborates with the most important singer of Greece and colleague of her father, Haris Alexiou, as a supervisor of a new album with new songs on Manolis Rasoulis' unreleased lyrics composed by his friends and associates, the great composers Christos Nikolopoulos, Petros Vagiopoulos, Vasso Allagianni , Orpheas Peridis and the great Israeli songwriter, Leon Y. Poliker.
She participates also as a singer, singing a song with Haris Alexiou .
She now prepares a new cd release with her own songs in both lyrics and music.
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August 28, 2011
i second parisalexiou's comment. that's NOT natalie rassoulis, that's sapfo stavridou who did vocals on chaostar's 2004 album The Scarlet Queen:


November 26, 2010
That is NOT a Natalie Rassoulis' picture!