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Nurse With Wound, often stylised as NWW, is a British experimental music project, formed in 1978 by Steven Stapleton, John Fothergill and Heman Pathak. In 1979 Heman left the group, and in 1981 it effectively became a solo project of Steven Stapleton, with a variety of assisting musicians over the years.

Focusing on aesthetic ideas and philosophies that began with the Surrealist movement, Stapleton has referred to the project as a contemporary extension of Surrealism and the project has been referred to as 'purveyors of sinister whimsy to the wretched'.
Stapleton and Fothergill's ambitious project to create and release music that no-one had heard before has provided a selection of experimental but adhering music over their albums.
The garish graphics and the oddball name was a conscious effort to attract people who might want to listen to something out of the ordinary and although this may have put some people off it has surely created a regular market for their releases.
Stapleton is a compulsive listener with an excitable encyclopedic knowledge of the genre. With his constant desire to discover new things and his healthy respect for his predecessors he has managed to always stay one step ahead with NWW and produce a selection of music that you would never be able to hear anywhere else.
Sure they wanted to reach a wider audience, but they had no intentions of toning down their material or making compromises and they never should. , , Facebook , MySpace , Bandcamp , Wikipedia
Aliases:Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And Friends
Members:Andrew Liles, Colin Potter, Heman Pathak, James Mannox, John Fothergill, Matthew Waldron, Peter McGhee, Steven Stapleton
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