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The Verlaines were formed in in Dunedin, New Zealand, in late 1980 by Graeme Downes.

The original lineup was: Graeme Downes (guitar & vocals), Craig Easton (guitar & vocals), Anita Pillai (keyboards), Phillip Higham (bass) and Greg Kerr (drums).
In 1981 Craig Easton and Anita Pillai left the band.
In 1982 Jane Dodd took over the bass after the departure of Phillip Higham. Later that year Greg Kerr left the group, followed by numerous changes of the drummer over the next year, including Alan Haig, Caroline Easther and finally Robbie Yeats.
In 1990 Mike Stoodley (bass) and former The Alpaca Brothers member Steve Cournane (drums) replaced Jane Dodd and Robbie Yeats. Shortly after the drummer changed again and Gregg Cairns took over.
In 1992 Paul Winders (guitar) joined as a new member and Darren Stedman joined as drummer which he has been ever since.
In 1994 Russell Fleming (bass) replaced Mike Stoodley.
In later years the band's ranks have included Rob Burns, Stephen Small, Chris Miller and Tom Healey. The band released their 10th studio album, Dunedin Spleen, digitally in 2019, appearing in 2020 on vinyl as a double album. , , , Bandcamp
Members:Alan Haig, Caroline Easther, Darren Stedman, Graeme Downes, Greg Cairns, Jane Dodd, Mike Stoodley, Paul Winders, Rob Burns (2), Robbie Yeats, Russell Fleming (2), Stephen Small, Steve Cournane, Thomas Healy
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