Carnivore was a crossover thrash metal band from Brooklyn, NY, who existed from 1982 until 1990. The band was fronted by vocalist/bassist/songwriter Peter Steele and formed from the ashes of Steele's previous band, Fallout (13), which also included Carnivore drummer Louis Beateaux. The original band was rounded out by guitarist Keith Alexander, who was replaced in 1986 by Marc Piovanetti. Carnivore released 2 albums and often came under fire for their lyrical content, which critics deemed as sexist, racist, and/or anti-religious, although most of the band's songs were done tongue-in-cheek and meant to outrage listeners. The band also had ties to Agnostic Front. Steele contributed lyrics to AF's 1986 LP "Cause For Alarm", which also featured Louis Beateaux playing drums. After Carnivore's split, Steele formed Type O Negative. Type O Negative's first album, "Slow, Deep, And Hard", featured a number of songs originally written for Carnivore.

In 2006, Steele resurrected the band with a whole new line-up for live shows.

Original Carnivore guitarist Keith Alexander died in July, 2005 in a bicycle accident.
Peter Steele died in April, 2010, from heart failure.


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June 29, 2019
edited 11 months ago
IFuck it, Peter Steele deserves an statue, a monument, a damn big cenotaph, maybe the three together, because if Freddy Mercury got one statue at some beach, why not Mr Peter in the fucking WTC? He is the king of his very personal and intimate kind of dark thrash metal. Carnivore... Seminal, influential, unique, thrash and hardcorish at the same time, bluesy and dark at the other, heavy as fuck, cynic to the max, in a word, new yorkian, and he was for sure one of New York's best sons and an undeniable Metal figure.

Maybe I exaggerate, but for sure this band and Steeles excentric troglodite was someone who created something pretty much independent and defined. Carnivore is one of the best bands of the old school thrash metal aside from the background for something as romantically dark and heavy such as Type o Negative, so again, why not an statue?

Songs like: "Jesus Hitler", "God is dead", "World War 1 and 3", with its brooding dark rhythms and dense bass lines, fast fucks like "Angry neurotic catholics", "Ground zero" or "US for US" make the day fir any thrash metal fan and bring reminiscences from the eighties to all those of us who lived through it.
Carnivore is one hell of a monster classic and with only two albums it has defied the death of his autor and thirty so years in the row and counting.

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