German melodic black metal band from Mainz, formed in 1995.

The band announced their split on October 18, 2014. However, in the official FB page, the founder Sathonys stated that: "Yet, this might not mean the band is gone forever. Things and circumstances change... It's not sure the band might continue at a later date, but yes, we wish for it, so there's a chance we'll come together again, some day. And continue where we left off, with new strength and energy."

Final line-up:
Martin "Sathonys" Wickler: Guitars, Clean Vocals (1995-2014)
Chris "Ashtrael" Bonner: Vocals (2008-2014)
Thilo Feucht: Guitars (2010-2014) (previously live)
Till Ottinger: Bass (2006-2014)
Manuel Steitz: Drums (2008-2014)

Former/past member(s):
Vlad Dracul (Rusu Andrei) (1995-2002, also keyboards)
Frank "Akaias" Nordmann (1998-2007, also guitars)

Hyperion (1995-2001)
Carl Lang (2001)
Jan Jansohn (2007-2010)

Marko Thomas (1995-2002)
Darin "Eddie" Smith (2003-2006)

Marcel "Vampellans Traumschänder" Breuer (Session 1998)
Christine Schulte (1998-2002)
Felix Ü. Walzer (2002-2010)

Matthias Rodig (1995-2008)


Agathodaimon - Carpe Noctem album art Agathodaimon Carpe Noctem Not On Label (Agathodaimon Self-released) Germany 1996 Sell This Version
Agathodaimon - Blacken The Angel album art Agathodaimon Blacken The Angel (Album) Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast Germany 1998 Sell This Version
Agathodaimon - Higher Art Of Rebellion album art Agathodaimon Higher Art Of Rebellion (Album) Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast Germany 1999 Sell This Version
Agathodaimon - Chapter III album art Agathodaimon Chapter III (Album) Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast Romania 2001 Sell This Version
Agathodaimon - Serpent's Embrace album art Agathodaimon Serpent's Embrace (Album) Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast Brazil 2004 Sell This Version
Agathodaimon - Phoenix album art Agathodaimon Phoenix (Album) Massacre Records 2009 Sell This Version
Agathodaimon - In Darkness album art Agathodaimon In Darkness (Album) Massacre Records Russia 2013 Sell This Version


Agathodaimon - Tomb Sculptures album art Agathodaimon Tomb Sculptures (Comp) Bestial Records Romania 1997 Sell This Version


Agathodaimon - Near Dark album art Agathodaimon Near Dark Not On Label (Agathodaimon Self-released) Germany 1997 Sell This Version

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