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A neo-dadaist group from Redditch, UK, formed in March 1977. Guitarist / vocalist Martin Seys left the band early and drummer Ethos Yapp left after the recording of first single 'Gordon'. From there on, the 'classic' line up of The Shend, Robin Raymond Dallaway, Svor Naan and Dave Bennett managed to release six more singles and two full albums (most of them on Small Wonder; some appeared in the indie charts Top 30), interspersed with some dada happenings. Between July 1979 and November 1982, they were also asked to make four sessions for the legendary John Peel radio show.
In a true dada manner they gave birth to the “DadaCravat Laboratories” (D.c.L), which enabled them to form many aliases, where their music appears more danceable. The classic line-up changes only on their final 12” release in 1985 (minus Naan & Bennett but including Disney Time on drums).
A reformed version of The Cravats including original members The Shend (vocals) and Svor Naan (saxophone), with Rampton Garstang (drums) has been performing since August 2009 and, since 2013 has included Viscount Biscuits (guitar) and Joe 91 (bass guitar). This line up have released two LPs of new work to date.

Original line-up:
The Shend (bass, vocals)
Rob Dallaway [aka Rev Arthur Asquith Asquith] (guitar, vocals)
Richard London [aka Yehudi Storageheater, aka Svor Naan, aka Baird Smart, aka F-Reg, aka Asquith Asquith Asquith] (saxophone, clarinet)
Dave Bennett [aka 31] (drums, vocals) , MySpace , Bandcamp , Wikipedia
Aliases:D.c.L, DCL Locomotive, The Babymen, The Very Things
Members:Chris Harz, Dave Bennett (2), Ethos Yapp, Joe Davin, Malcolm Rees, Martin Seys, Paul Simmons (2), Richard London (2), Richard Yehudi, Robin Holland (3), Robin Raymond Dallaway, Svor Naan
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