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Bad Company are a 1970s British hard rock, blues-rock group fronted by Paul “The Voice” Rodgers. Their name came from a ‘70s Western movie and they were formed by former members of Mott the Hoople, Free, and King Crimson.

Current Line-Up:
Paul Rodgers
Roles: Lead vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Years: 1974-1982, 1998-2002, 2008-present

Mick Ralphs
Roles: Guitars, piano, backing vocals
Years: 1974-present

Simon Kirke
Roles: Drums, percussion, backing vocals
Years: 1974-present

Current Touring members
Todd Ronning
Role: Bass

Howard Leese
Role: Guitar

Former Members
Steve Price
Roles: Bass, backing vocals
Years: 1986 - 1989

Brian Howe
Roles: Lead vocals, sax
Years: 1986-1994

Boz Burrell
Roles: Bass, backing vocals
Years: 1973-1982, 1986, 1998-1999

Geoff Whitehorn
Role: Guitar
Years: 1990-1991

Lynn Sorensen
Role: Bass
Years: 2008-2011

Paul Cullen
Role: Bass
Years: 1990-1992

Rick Wills
Role: Bass
Years: 1992-1998, 2001

Dave "Bucket" Colwell
Roles: Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Years: 1992-1998, 2001-2002, 2008

Robert Hart
Role: Lead Vocals
Years: 1994-1998

Jaz Lochrie
Role: Bass
Years: 2002, 2008

Gary "Harry" James
Role: Drums
Year: 2008 , Facebook , X , YouTube , Wikipedia
Members:Boz Burrell, Brian Howe, Dave Colwell, Geoff Whitehorn, Gregg Dechert, Howard Leese, Jaz Lochrie, Lynn Sorensen, Mick Ralphs, Paul Rodgers, Raymond Burrell, Rick Wills, Robert Hart, Simon Kirke, Steve Price (7), Todd Ronning
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