Kaos Moon (2)

Drummer Bernard Ouellette and Michel Caron form a band called Moon Project and record some songs. In 1985 the band changes its name to KAOS MOON with the arrival of guitarist Alain Pothier, bassist Michel Williamson and drummer Daniel Renaudin. In two short years

Between many concerts and TV appearances, Ouellette and Caron write about thirty songs that the band arranges together. In 1987, the constant touring starts to create tensions among the musicians and their manager. The band presents a memorable concert at the Beloeil Center that marks the end of Kaos Moon. At the end on 1987 Stephen Geysens approaches Bernard Ouellette and asks him to sing on Visible Wind’s first CD ‘’Catharsis’’. Ouellette plays many concerts with Visible Wind under the name of Christopher Wells. At the same time, Ouellette and Alain Pothier form the band Blitz along with Guy Charbonneau. Together Blitz plays more than 300 concerts in Canada as their first single reaches the top 10.

In 1993, Ouellette meets with long time friend and Visible Wind producer Denis Audet. Together they discuss about reforming Kaos Moon and record a first CD After the Storm. After 5 years Kaos Moon is back together with some new members. Pothier who played on the CD is replaced by Benoît Chaput in concerts, Renaudin is replaced by Visible Wind drummer Luc Hébert and Christian Gendron is the new Keyboardist.

After the Storm is very well received by the progressive rock world and gets great reviews. Kaos Moon is compared to Saga and Queensryche by the Gibraltar Progressive rock Encyclopaedia. The band tour Eastern Canada and the VOIR newspaper qualify the band as the best band in Quebec.

After the Storm

1997, Ouellette works in his own recording studio. Founded in 1992 Studio Amadeus is taking more and more time and Ouellette must once again put aside the recording of the second Kaos Moon CD , The French CD that will never see the light of day will become the songs for the next Kaos moon English CD.

The new Kaos Moon

In 2002 Ouellette is invited to sing a few songs with Visible Wind where he meets with UNICORN RECORDS Michel St-Pere. Talks are engaged and after many months Ouellette will complete the new Kaos Moon CD

The Band now consists of bassist Norman Lachapelle, guitarists Sylvain Provost, Alain Bertrand, and old Kaos moon members Alain Pothier and Benoît Chaput. Drums and percussions are played by Magella Cormier and Bernard Ouellette who also sings and plays many other instruments.

The Circle of Madness is now ready to hit the Progressive rock world and we hope that you will enjoy this new chapter of the Kaos Moon story.


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KO2501-2 Kaos Moon (2) - After The Storm album art Kaos Moon (2) After The Storm(CD, Album) Les Disques Kozak KO2501-2 Canada 1994 Sell This Version
Kaos Moon (2) - The Circle Of Madness album art Kaos Moon (2) The Circle Of Madness (Album) Unicorn Records (9) Canada 2004 Sell This Version