The Legendary Pink Dots


Anglo-Dutch rock band formed in London, UK, in August 1980. In 1984 the band moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The band is fronted by Edward Ka-Spel, who doubles as singer and chief lyric writer. Erik Drost, Randall Frazier, Joep Hendrikx, and Raymond Steeg make up the current lineup of the band. Forming member Phil Knight left the band in 2022.

The Legendary Pink Dots exist in the fields of experimental and psychedelic music. The sound is often a conglomerate of electronics, saxophones, guitars, drums, and Ka-Spel's distinctive voice and lyrical invention.

Side projects of the band include The Tear Garden (with cEvin Key from Skinny Puppy), and Mimir (with Christoph and Andreas Heemann), plus solo ventures. , , Bandcamp , Facebook , X , Wikipedia
Members:April Iliffe, Barry Gray (2), Bob Pistoor, Edward Ka-Spel, Edwin Van Trippenhof, Erik Drost, Frank Verschuuren, Graham Whitehead, Hanz Myer, Jason Salmon, Joep Hendrikx, Julia Niblock Waller, Keith Thompson (3), Martijn De Kleer, Michael Marshall (3), Niels van Hoorn, Patrick Q. Paganini, Patrick White, Phil Knight (2), Randall Frazier




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