Evil Superstars


Belgian band from Heusden-Zolder (Limburg), created around 1992 by Mauro Pawlowski (vocals, guitar), Bart Vandeput (drums), Marc Requilé (samples, keyboard) and Bart Vandebroek (bass). Two years later, they entered the Humo Rock Rally (a music contest), and won. At that time, drummer Johan Van Den Berghe was replaced by Dave Schroyen. A fifth member joined the band later, the 15-year old guitarist Tim Vanhamel.

Evil Superstars released two albums before disbanding, playing their last gig on 15/09/1998, at the Botanique in Brussels. Each member went on playing, in solo (Mauro Pawlowski) or in other bands (Millionaire, The Shovels, Ultracowboy, Vandal X, dEUS, Mitsoobishy Jacson...). , MySpace ,
Members:Bart Vandebroek, Dave Schroyen, Johan Van Den Berghe, Marc Requilé, Mauro Pawlowski, Tim Vanhamel




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