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Power/heavy metal band from Krefeld, Nordrhein Westfalen (Germany).

Blind Guardian formed in 1984 as Lucifer's Heritage, then changed the name to Blind Guardian in 1986.

Their first two albums were essentially speed metal records with some power and thrash influences. Starting from their third album they started to add a much more melodic and "epic" feeling, with usage of choir and classical music influence.

Current line-up:
Hansi Kürsch - vocals (1986-present), bass (1986-1995)
André Olbrich - lead guitar (1986-present)
Marcus Siepen - rhythm guitar (1987-present)
Frederik Ehmke - drums (2005-present)
Johan van Stratum - bass (2021-present)

Former members:
Thomas Stauch - drums (1987-2005)

Session/live members:
Thomas Hackmann (studio) – backing vocals (1990–present)
Billy King (2) (studio) – backing vocals (1992–present)
Olaf Senkbeil (studio) – backing vocals (1997–present)
Michael Schüren (live+studio) – keyboards, piano (1997–present)
Matthias Ulmer (studio) – keyboards, piano (2007–present)
Barend Courbois (live+studio) – bass (2012–present)
Oliver Holzwarth – bass (1997–2011)
Mathias Wiesner (studio) – keyboards, effects (1989–2002), bass (1992)
Rolf Köhler (studio) – backing vocals (1990–2007)
Alex Holzwarth (live) – drums (2002–2003)
Pat Bender (studio) – keyboards, effects (2002–2006)

Oliver Holzwarth has never been added as a full time member so Hansi Kursch has the option of picking up bass duties again. Same thing for Barend Courbois.
Thomen Stauch left in 2005 after 20 years claiming dissatisfaction with the direction the band had taken on their, then, two most recent releases. , Facebook , Reverb , X , YouTube , Wikipedia , Wikipedia
Aliases:Lucifer's Heritage
Members:André Olbrich, Frederik Ehmke, Hansi Kürsch, Johan van Stratum, Marcus Siepen, Thomas Stauch
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