Sally Dige

Real Name:Sally Dige Jørgensen

Sally Dige (pronounced “Dee-Ah”) is a Canadian independent solo artist based in Berlin, Germany, who writes, records, produces and arranges her own music; in addition to creating and managing all aspects of her visual work. She has released two albums, a handful of singles, and has featured in numerous collaborations.

Sally Dige began her solo project in Vancouver, Canada in 2012, after being invited to write and record musical accompaniment for her friend’s poetry project. Within a few short hours in the studio, Dige already had the backbone to her songs “Immaculate Deception” and “Doppelgänger”. A sudden change of circumstances in the studio led her friend to convince Dige to finish those songs and release them for her own solo project.

In 2013, Dige relocated to Berlin in order to focus on music and the creative arts. Over the years, her sound has changed organically from italo disco-inspired electro, to post-punk, to ethereal new romantic. Her current sound combines elements of folk, new wave and art-rock. Her recent endeavour towards acoustic instruments was the need for change from her last album, “Holding On” (Avant! Records / DKA Records, 2017) which was entirely programmed and recorded on one synthesiser that she hauled back and forth between Denmark and Berlin on a bus. “The natural form of self-rebellion was to pick up instruments that didn't need electricity to function, and play with strings and the hands again,” says Dige.

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Aliases:Sally Dige Jørgensen


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