Dr. Feelgood


British pub rock/blues rock band formed in 1971 in Canvey, Essex.

Members : Lee Brilleaux (vocals, harmonica, 1971-94), Wilko Johnson (guitar, 1971-77), John B. Sparks (bass, 1971-82), The Big Figure [John Martin] (drums, 1971-82), Henry McCulloch (guitar, 1977), John "Gypie" Mayo (guitar, 1977-81), Johnny Guitar (guitar 1981-83), Pat McMullen (bass, 1982-83), Buzz Barwell (drums, 1982-84), Gordon Russell (guitar, 1983-1989, 2021-present), Dave Bronze (bass, 1992), Pete Gage (vocals, 1996-1998) ,Phil Mitchell (bass, 1983-present), Kevin Morris (drums, 1984-present), Steve Walwyn (guitar, 1989-2021), Robert Kane (vocals 1999–present) , Facebook , Wikipedia , , Imdb
Members:Buzz Barwell, Dave Bronze, Gordon Russell, Henry McCullough, John "The Big Figure" Martin, John B. 'Sparko' Sparks, John Crippen, John Philip Mayo, Kevin Morris (2), Lee Brilleaux, Patrick McMullan, Pete Gage (2), Phil Mitchell, Robert Kane (3), Steve Walwyn, Wilko Johnson
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