Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings

Real Name:
Waylon Arnold Jennings
American Country singer.

Born: June 15, 1937, Littlefield, Texas
Died: February 13, 2002, Chandler, Arizona
In Groups:

Waylon Jennings Discography


BAT-1001 Waylon Jennings At JD's (Album) Sounds LTD. BAT-1001 US 1964 Sell This Version
LSP-3523 Waylon Jennings Folk-Country (Album) RCA Victor LSP-3523 Canada 1966 Sell This Version
LPM-3620 Waylon Jennings Leavin' Town (Album) RCA Victor LPM-3620 US 1966 Sell This Version
LPM-3736 Waylon Jennings Nashville Rebel (Album) RCA Victor LPM-3736 Canada 1966 Sell This Version
CAS-2183, CAS 2183 Waylon Jennings The One And Only Waylon Jennings (Album) RCA Camden, RCA Camden CAS-2183, CAS 2183 US 1967 Sell This Version
LSP-3825 Waylon Jennings Love Of The Common People (Album) RCA Victor LSP-3825 Canada 1967 Sell This Version
LPM 3660 Waylon Jennings Waylon Sings Ol' Harlan (Album) RCA Victor LPM 3660 US 1967 Sell This Version
LSP 4085 Waylon Jennings Jewels (Album) RCA LSP 4085 Canada 1968 Sell This Version
LSP-3918 Waylon Jennings Hangin' On (Album) RCA Victor, RCA Victor LSP-3918 Germany 1968 Sell This Version
LSP-4023 Waylon Jennings Only The Greatest (Album) RCA Victor LSP-4023 Germany 1968 Sell This Version
VL 73873 Waylon Jennings Waylon Jennings (Comp) Vocalion (2) VL 73873 US 1969 Sell This Version
LSP 4180 Waylon Jennings And The Kimberlys Waylon Jennings And The Kimberlys - Country-Folk(LP) RCA Victor LSP 4180 US 1969 Sell This Version
LSP-4137 Waylon Jennings Just To Satisfy You(LP) RCA Victor, RCA LSP-4137 US 1969 Sell This Version
SP 4238 Waylon Jennings Don't Think Twice A&M Records SP 4238 US 1970 Sell This Version
LSP-4260 Waylon Jennings Waylon (Album) RCA LSP-4260 US 1970 Sell This Version
LSP 4418 Waylon Jennings Singer Of Sad Songs (Album) RCA Victor LSP 4418 US 1970 Sell This Version
LSP-4487 Waylon Jennings The Taker / Tulsa (Album) RCA Victor, RCA LSP-4487 US 1971 Sell This Version
LSP-4567 Waylon Jennings Cedartown, Georgia (Album) RCA Victor LSP-4567 US 1971 Sell This Version
LSA 3142 Waylon Jennings Ladies Love Outlaws (Album) RCA Victor LSA 3142 UK 1972 Sell This Version
LSP-4647 Waylon Jennings Good Hearted Woman (Album) RCA Victor LSP-4647 US 1972 Sell This Version
APL1-0240 Waylon Jennings Honky Tonk Heroes (Album) RCA APL1-0240 US 1973 Sell This Version
LSP-4854 Waylon Jennings Lonesome, On'ry & Mean (Album) RCA LSP-4854 US 1973 Sell This Version
CAS-2608 Waylon Jennings Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town (Album) RCA Camden CAS-2608 US 1973 Sell This Version
APL1-0734 Waylon Jennings Waylon The Ramblin' Man (Album) RCA APL1-0734 US 1974 Sell This Version
VNLI-7396 Waylon Jennings This Time (Album) RCA Victor VNLI-7396 Australia 1974 Sell This Version


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February 21, 2015
Many centuries ago, before I escaped college and "technology" was just a plot twist in science fiction novels, there was no digital music. The most common format was the vinyl LP. And every time a turntable needle touched a Waylon Jennings LP, before the music started you would hear a loud sucking noise. Because Waylon's music really sucked badly. This was a tremendous benefit to people living in a dormatory environment. If you wanted people to get out of your dorm room and leave you in peace for a while, you just picked any Waylon LP at random, put it on the turntable on either side, put the needle down anywhere, and let the sucking start. Thirty-seven out of thirty-eight times, this would quickly clear your room. On the thirty-eighth time, when somebody actually came toward the music and into your room, it saved you the hassle of having to get to know that person, finding out what they were like, deciding if they were somebody you wanted to spend some time with. Because you didn't. It would be impossible to choose "The Worst Waylon Jennings Songs" in the same way that it would be impossible to choose "The Worst Nazi Extermination Camp". But, in the same way that we can look at a few extermination camp photos and be sickened, I can point out a few representative Waylon Jennings songs for you. But do not listen to more than one of these songs in a row, as that would cause your soul to flee your body and you would die.

"Another Bridge to Burn" from Folk-Country, 1966 ("I'll soon light the fire and move on." I say forget the fire and just leave).

"Delta Dawn" from Ladies Love Outlaws, 1972 (Nobody except Waylon gave a shit about that flower she had on).

"Dirt" from Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals & Dirt, 1998 (Well, here's mud in your eye).

Being a person prone to fits of solitude, I was quite a collector of Waylon Jennings LPs in my college days. A few albums here, another few there, and today I find myself familiar with over 700 Waylon Jennings recordings. And to be fair to Waylon, he made 5 songs out of that 700+ that did not suck. Here they are:

"Willie and Laura Mae Jones" from Good Hearted Woman, 1972 (It turns out Willie is kind of a dick. Sad.).

"Rose in Paradise" from Hangin' Tough, 1987 (Again with the flower. This time it turns out she's the dick.).

"Lang's Theme" from Nashville Rebel, 1966 (Not singing, not sucking).

"Nowhere Road" from Wanted! The Outlaws, 1976 (With Willie Nelson, Jessi Colter, and Tompall Glaser helping relieve the suckage).

"Waymore's Blues" from Waylon Forever, 1995 (The .357's step in to save this one from the suck-heap).

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