Spizzenergi was the second alias of the band originally formed in 1977 as Spizzoil by Kenneth "Spizz" Spiers and Pete Petrol. As Spizzenergi, they were the first band to top the UK Indie Chart created early in 1980. The band underwent several name and line-up changes during their career, performing as Athletico Spizz 80 in 1980 and signing a major deal with A&M Records later that year.

After Lu Edmonds had joined the line-up, the band changed their name yet another time to The Spizzles, only to reform with former band members in 1982 for the short-lived incarnation Spizzenergi2, releasing their two final singles, "Work/Mega City 3" and "Jungle Fever".

Aliases:Athletico Spizz 80,, Spizz '77, Spizz Orbit, Spizz Sexual, Spizzoil, The Spizzles
Members:Ben Lawson (2), Brian B Benzine, Clive Parker, CS Gas, Dave Scott (5), Hero Shima, James Little (2), Jeff Walker (19), Kenneth Spiers, Luca Comencini, Mark Stephens (4), Matt Broughton, Pete Petrol, Phil Ross (3), Simon Kinder
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