Real Name:
Grey Area
Woolsey, NY, USA
New York Hardcore wasn't ready yet. It wasn't prepared for the death of one of its original contributors, Raybeez of WARZONE. The demise of WARZONE left the remaining members shocked and bewildered, and music stopped for each of them some for time thereafter... until now. The first of the members to get back into the saddle was Vinny Value who although played drums for WARZONE for five years, kept the monicker of his first hardcore effort NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE. Teaming up with Ernie, who also has some impressive hardcore experience behind him, (BLACK TRAIN JACK, TOKEN ENTRY and IN YOUR FACE) they formed GREY AREA -the perfect blend of both the aggressive style carried over from WARZONE, as well as the melodic content carried over from BLACK TRAIN JACK. Hooks, hooks, and more hooks, is the way to describe the musical style of GREY AREA. A mature approach towards issues that everyone
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