Moondog (2)

Real Name:Louis Thomas Hardin

Born May 26, 1916 in Marysville, Kansas; died September 8, 1999 in Münster, Germany.
Moondog wrote most of his music in braille, having lost his sight in an accident involving a dynamite cap at the age of 17.
Revered pioneer on the avant-garde/minimalist scene, usually within the jazz realm. His revolutionary attitude towards composition and melody was lauded by such eminent contemporaries as Philip Glass and Steve Reich, while his style and attitude drew comparisons to Harry Partch. His influence can be seen in the music of Stereolab and Moonshake among many others.

For his own label see Moondog Records (2) , MySpace , Wikipedia , Who Sampled , Bandcamp
Aliases:Louis Hardin, Moondog And His Honking Geese
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