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Blitz were founded in 1980 in New Mills, Derbyshire, England. They were No Future Records' first signing. Their early releases, the All Out Attack E.P. (1981) and the Voice Of A Generation LP (1982), are widely recognized classics of Oi!/street punk. With their second album, 1983's Second Empire Justice, the band moved into new wave/post-punk territory. The album was a commercial failure and the band split up shortly thereafter. Guitarist Nidge Miller resurrected the Blitz name with the 1990 album The Killing Dream and 1992's New Breed EP. On these recordings, Miller played all instruments and Gary Basnett of Attak provided the vocals. Miller later toured under the Blitz name with new members, before dying after being struck by a car in 2007. , Facebook ,
Members:Brian Lawton, Bryan Scorch, Carl Fisher, Charlie Howe, Doug Williams (8), Gary Basnett, Gaz Sumner, James Greene, Matt Renicks, Neil McLennan (2), Nidge Miller, Tim Harris (6)
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