Melodic black metal band from Umeå, Sweden, founded in 1992.

Naglfar was formed by Jens Rydén (vocals, guitar) and Kristoffer Olivius (bass), and originally they were called Uninterred. The two were soon joined by Ulf Andersson (drums) from Nocturnal Rites. As Jens Rydén wanted to focus on vocals only, guitarists Morgan Hansson and Fredrik Degerström also joined the band. However, Fredrik Degerström was asked leave because of different personal and musical opinions. He was replaced by Andreas Nilsson and then the band changed name to Naglfar.

They entered Garageland Studios and the result was a one-track promo. Ulf couldn't handle the drums and he later lost interest in the band, so he left to focus on his other project. He was replaced by a drum machine. They returned to the studio and recorded their first demo called "Stellae Trajectio", released in November 1994. Some months after the release they were contacted by Wrong Again Records and they were signed. They had also recruited a new drummer named Mattias Holmgren. In 1995 they band entered Abyss Studio in Sweden and recorded their debut album called "Vittra".

Mattias Holmgren left after the release to play in his other band Embracing. The band took a break for a couple of months in order to find a new drummer. They didn't find any permanent replacement but they got help from Morgan Lie from Auberon and Johan Moritz from the band Disorge. The Japanese label Toys Factory wanted the band to appear on a Iron Maiden tribute-cd and they went to Sunlight Studio in Stockholm to record "The Evil That Men Do". They also managed to find a new drummer called Mattias Grahn. Naglfar then played some gigs and released a picture 7" called "When Autumn Storms Come".

In 1998 the recorded and released their second full-length album "Diabolical". In 2000 Morgan Hansson left the band but was replaced by Marcus "Vargher" Norman from Bewitched. Same year recorded the MCD called "Ex Inferis" at the Ballerina Studio. It contained a new studio track, a cover and three previously released tracks.

In 2003 they released "Sheol" which gained them major success. , Facebook , MySpace , X , Instagram , Wikipedia
Members:Andreas Nilsson, Jens Rydén, Kristoffer Olivius, Marcus E. Norman, Mattias Grahn, Mattias Holmgren, Morgan Hansson, Ulf Andersson (2)
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