Marduk is one of Sweden's leading Black Metal bands along with Dark Funeral. They started out being a Death Metal band with Black Metal elements, but later changed to extreme, hyper-aggressive Black Metal. The band's main theme has always been warfare and anti-Christian. The band formed in 1990 with guitarist Morgan Steinmeyer Hakansson, vocalist Andreas Axelsson, bassist Richard Kalm and drummer Joakim Grave. In 1991 they released their demo "Fuck Me Jesus" and soon after, a second guitarist was added in Devo Andersson, while Bogge Svensson replaced Kalm on bass.

With a new line-up the band recorded their first full-length, "Dark Endless", which was released through No Fashion Records. However, the band was unhappy with the label and switched to the French Osmose Productions. After the label switch they released their second album "Those of the Unlight". The album also featured new member B. War on bass. A year later, in 1994, they recorded "Opus Nocturne" but with a few changes, Fredrik Andersson was brought in on drums, Devo Andersson was dropped, and Grave was resigned to vocals.

In 1995, Osmose Productions re-released the band's demo "Fuck Me Jesus", which at that time also was banned in seven countries. Grave left Marduk and was replaced by Legion (Opthalamia). With a new vocalist they recorded and released the album "Heaven Shall Burn...When We Are Gathered" in 1996. The album was followed by a live album, "Live in Germania" which showed that the band can make hellish music without the use of a studio.

In 1998, "Nightwing" was released and was followed by the war-inspired album, "Panzer Division Marduk" in 1999. These were the last albums with the label Osmose Produtions. They soon started their own label, Blooddawn, where they released the double live album "Infernal Eternal". In 2000, they returned to the studio to record and release the album "La Grande Danse Macabre", in 2001.

After not being able to play in the US (September 11th) the band returned and began working on their box release "Blackcrowned". It was released early 2002 and featured unreleased songs and others that had been recorded during their 12 years as a band. Drummer Fredrik Andersson left the band but was soon replaced by the young drummer Emil Dragutinovic.

Tours were played and the band eventually released their latest effort, "World Funeral" in 2002. In 2004, Legion left the band but was replaced by Mortuus of Funeral Mist. They also released a DVD, "Funeral Marches and Warsongs", same year.


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Singles & EPs

none Marduk - Fuck Me Jesus (Demo # 1) album art Marduk Fuck Me Jesus (Demo # 1) (EP, MiniAlbum) Not On Label (Marduk Self-released) none Sweden 1991 Sell This Version
BLOOD003, BLOOD 003 Marduk - Obedience album art Marduk Obedience (EP) Blooddawn Productions, Blooddawn Productions BLOOD003, BLOOD 003 Sweden 2000 Sell This Version