A Japanese black/thrash metal group from Mie.

Formerly called Evil (12), they changed their name to Sabbat in 1984.

Gezol founded Evil Records and released the early Sabbat recordings on this imprint.

In September '87, Sabbat played a farewell live show (they stopped playing live due to a death in Gezol and Samm's family), later on released as the "Live Curse" album. The band continued recording new studio material. In 1990 Gezol decided to return to performing live.

Long time member Temis Osmond left the band in November of 2005 after 14 years. He could not continue on with full dedication to the band and also his private life.

Current line-up
Gezol aka Masaki Tachi alias Geniezoluzifer - Vocals, Bass (Metalucifer)
Zorugelion alias Zorugelucifer - Drums, Vocals (1990-)
Tomohiro Hagi alias Ginoir - Drums, Vocals (2021-)

Former/past member(s)
Ozny (2) (1984-1986)
Elizaveat aka Takeshi Asai (1984-1991) (Metalucifer, Blind Witch)
Temis Osmond aka Sadaki Ieda (1991-2005, also Vocals, Keyboards) (Blind Witch)
Ishidamian aka Satoshi Ishida alias Damiazell - Guitars, Vocals (2007-2015) (Magnesium (3))

Valvin (1984-1985)
Samm (3) aka Shinji Tachi alias Gero (1985-1990) (Buried Alive (5), G.A.T.E.S., Magnesium (3), Metalucifer, Midnight Rider, Sabbat, Sacrifice (4))

Session members:
Shige - Drums (1985)
Possessed Hammer - Vocals (1989)
Barraveat - Guitars (1989)
Shaxul - Vocals (On "Sabbatical Magicrypt") (Annthennath, Arphaxat, Barbatos, Deathspell Omega, Hirilorn, Manzer, Surrender Of Divinity)
Yohta Takahashi - Backing Vocals (On "Sabbatical Magicrypt")
Elizaveat aka Takeshi Asai (Metalucifer, Blind Witch) - guitar (2015-2021)
Elizabigore aka Atsushi Asai (Metalucifer, Blind Witch) - guitar (2016-2021)

Sites:Bandcamp , Facebook , MySpace
Aliases:Evil (12)
Members:Atsushi Asai, Barraveat, Elizabigore, Gezol, Masaki Tachi, Ozny (2), Possessed Hammer, Sadaki Ieda, Satoshi Ishida, Shinji Tachi, Takeshi Asai (4), Tomohiro Hagi, Valvin, Yasuyuki Suzuki (2), Zorugelion


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