AborymCompositions & Recordings

Aborym were originally formed in Taranto (Italy), in 1992, by Malfeitor Fabban, then bassist in Funeral Oration and keyboardist for The M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab.
The band went through many line-up changes with Fabban remaining the only mastermind behind the band.
They mix ambient, techno/noise with black/death Metal, obtaining an industrial/extreme metal sound.
Aborym take their name from Haborym Sadek Aym, the duke that controls the twenty-six legions in Hell.

Malfeitor Fabban - Vox, programming, synth, modulars
Stefano Angiulli - Synths
Narchost - Bass, guitars
Gianluca Catalani - Drums
Tomas Aurizzi - Gtrs