Bend, Sinister

Real Name:
Tom Dinchak, Justin Harrison
bend, sinister exist in that place where only self-taught improvisation can cross-pollinate with classically trained sensibilities, and what emerges is an entirely new set of rules and regulations out to reformulate what standards already exist.

this talented duo, hailing from phoenix, arizona, came to be in early 2004. the limited electronic music resources offered to them have influenced justin harrison (vocalist/multi-instrumentalist) and beat-monger tom dinchak's versatility to a level where they don't adhere to any particular style or scene.

from the sonic manipulations on their 2004 debut "culminatecollapse", jazzy overtones of "undesired progress" and visual vignettes of the video-only "culmination" ( to their instantly likable, experimentally flavored album "glitchpop" (enpeg:digital). bend, sinister are poised to make their mark in the halls of experimentation. they continue their busy release schedule while managing an up and coming netlabel post-digital


EN07 Bend, Sinister - Glitchpop album art Bend, Sinister Glitchpop(File, MP3) En:peg Digital EN07 US 2004


mp3.038 Bend, Sinister - Undesired Progress album art Bend, Sinister Undesired Progress(File, MP3) IVDT mp3.038 US 2004
mp3.034 Bend, Sinister - Culminatecollapse album art Bend, Sinister Culminatecollapse(File, MP3) IVDT mp3.034 2004
dt004 Bend, Sinister Ursus Mark VII(File, MP3, 192) Dewtone dt004 Canada 2005
mp3.064 Bend, Sinister - Music For A New World Order album art Bend, Sinister Music For A New World Order(File, MP3, VBR) IVDT mp3.064 US 2007