Space Buddha

Real Name:Eliad Grundland

Space Buddha is Eliad Grundland (born in 1972), this project was created in the year 1997 & since then had released 8 powerful albums. During the years Space Buddha created an active portal to the Goa Full-on dancefloor reality. Space Buddha had visited every continent of our planet while touring with his music & had participated in many unforgettable festivals worldwide. The Space Buddha intensive drive nature, super high energy sound, massive fireback & Goa atmosphere will shake, blast, twist & pump every molecule of your body & mind. Space Buddha project is well known with its unique interpretations as its setting new standards & limits to the Psy trance scene.

Sites:MySpace , Soundcloud , Facebook
Aliases:Eliad Grundland, Indica (2), Opium Of The Masses, Possesed
Members:Eliad Grundland, Yalon Adot


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