Space Buddha

Real Name:
Eliad Grundland
The first two Space Buddha albums were written by Yalon Adot. All following albums were produced by Eliad Grundland.


AGE1002 Space Buddha - Space Buddha album art Space Buddha Space Buddha(CD, Album) Agitato Records AGE1002 Israel 1999 Sell This Version
AGE1007, KAGCD03 Space Buddha - Eternity Project album art Space Buddha Eternity Project(CD, Album, Mixed) Agitato Records, Kagdila Records AGE1007, KAGCD03 Israel 2001 Sell This Version
AGE1018 Space Buddha - Stigmata album art Space Buddha Stigmata(CD, Album) Agitato Records AGE1018 Israel 2001 Sell This Version
AGE1025 Space Buddha - Jungle Of Whishes album art Space Buddha Jungle Of Whishes(CD, Album) Agitato Records AGE1025 Israel 2002 Sell This Version
AGE1034 Space Buddha - Storm Reaction album art Space Buddha Storm Reaction(CD, Album) Agitato Records AGE1034 Israel 2003 Sell This Version
AGE1048 Space Buddha - Full Circle album art Space Buddha Full Circle(CD, Album) Agitato Records AGE1048 Israel 2006 Sell This Version
AGE1053 Space Buddha - The Lost Planet album art Opium Of The Masses - Space Buddha vs. Cyber Cartel Opium Of The Masses - Space Buddha vs. Cyber Cartel - The Lost Planet(CD, Album) Agitato Records AGE1053 Israel 2007 Sell This Version
AGE1056 Space Buddha - No Shields album art Space Buddha No Shields(CD, Album) Agitato Records AGE1056 Israel 2008 Sell This Version
AGE1064 Space Buddha - Party Leader album art Toast3d Vs. Space Buddha Toast3d Vs. Space Buddha - Party Leader(CD, Album) Agitato Records AGE1064 Israel 2010 Sell This Version
Space Buddha - Reality Check album art Space Buddha Vs. Toasted* Space Buddha Vs. Toasted* - Reality Check (Album) Agitato Records Israel 2014


AGE1038 Space Buddha - B.P.M - Bionic Pulse Method Vol. 3 album art Space Buddha B.P.M - Bionic Pulse Method Vol. 3(CD, Comp, Mixed) Agitato Records AGE1038 Israel 2004 Sell This Version
AGE1050 Space Buddha Flip Out Vol. 5(CD, Comp) Agitato Records AGE1050 Israel 2007 Sell This Version