There is an uncertainty about where and when it all started, but according to people who should know, Logh’s existence can be traced back to a bar in Lund, Sweden, a late night in 1998. A few weeks later, the first recordings are made in Tambourine Studios and the music recorded sets the stage for what’s to come.

As time passes, Logh manage to find their own unique way of making their instruments come to life. A decision is made to try and put a full album together and after what feels like an eon of time in the studio, an album is finally mixed and given to the only label that the band feels comfortable working with.

At the end of January 2002, Bad Taste Records release ”Every Time a Bell Rings, an Angel Gets His Wings”. In April/May the same year the band leaves on their first European tour. During the summer months Logh plays numerous shows in Scandinavia, including virtually every Swedish festival. In September the band changed their name to Logh.

The new year starts off with the release of ”Every Time...” on vinyl in February along with the 7” ”Ghosts”, a single co-released with the UK label Must Destroy Music who also release “Every Time…” on license in April.

The debut was praised and cherished for its solemn poetic nature all over the world when it was released and early 2003 the time had come to record the follow-up. The band spends close to two full months wrestling with a strange collection of songs. Almost an entire album is recorded, erased and re-recorded, members get sick, better and then sick again. The darkness refuses to let go until John Congleton (from the pAper chAse, producer and/or engineer of stuff ranging from The 90 Day Men to Euryka Badu) arrives on February 19th. In six days the chaos is structured and the wonderful ”The Raging Sun” finally completed.

On September 26th 2004, they entered Studio Gröndahl in Stockholm, Sweden together with Pelle Gunnerfeldt (producer of The Hives, Sahara Hotnights etc) and in about ten hours they recorded “A Sunset Panorama”! The entire event was filmed with five cameras and the music was mixed in both stereo and 5.1 surround. The full multimedia experience, which is presented on a DVD that comes with the CD, gives the viewer/listener the impression of actually being with the band in the middle of the recording room.

Mattias Friberg (vocals, guitar)
Mathias Olden (bass)
Jens Hellgren (guitar)
Mattias Jeppsson (guitar)
Karl Arvidson (keyboards)
Markku Hildén (drums)

Past members:
Kristofer Ronstrom (drums) 1998-2004
Fredrik Normark (drums) 2004-2005
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BTR 53 Logh - Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings album art Log* Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings (Album) Bad Taste Records BTR 53 Sweden 2002 Sell This Version
BTR 66 Logh - The Raging Sun album art Logh The Raging Sun (Album) Bad Taste Records BTR 66 Sweden 2003 Sell This Version
HH666-105 Logh - A Sunset Panorama album art Logh A Sunset Panorama (Album) Bad Taste Records, Bad Taste Records HH666-105 US 2005 Sell This Version
BTR 107 Logh - North album art Logh North (Album) Bad Taste Records BTR 107 Sweden 2007 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

BTR 703 Logh - Ghosts album art Logh Ghosts (Single) Bad Taste Records BTR 703 Sweden 2003 Sell This Version
BTR 74 Logh - An Alliance Of Hearts album art Logh An Alliance Of Hearts (Single) Bad Taste Records BTR 74 Europe 2003 Sell This Version
BTR 67 Logh - The Contractor And The Assassin album art Logh The Contractor And The Assassin(CD, EP) Bad Taste Records BTR 67 Sweden 2003 Sell This Version
SF 008 Logh - The Bones Of Generations album art Logh The Bones Of Generations Sound Fiction (2) SF 008 Norway 2004 Sell This Version
BTR DM Logh - Destinymanifesto album art Logh Destinymanifesto (Single) Bad Taste Records BTR DM Sweden 2005 Sell This Version
BTR 106 Logh - Saturday Nightmares album art Logh Saturday Nightmares(CD, Single) Bad Taste Records BTR 106 Sweden 2007 Sell This Version
IAT006 Logh - Lights From Sovereign States album art Logh Lights From Sovereign States(7", Ltd) It's A Trap! IAT006 US 2007 Sell This Version
Trustno24 Logh - The Raging Sun album art Logh The Raging Sun(7", Ltd) Trust No One Recordings Trustno24 Sweden 2007 Sell This Version
none Logh - Death To My Hometown album art Logh Death To My Hometown(File, AAC, EP) Bad Taste Records none Sweden 2009