Gringo (23)

Gringo (23)

Real Name:
Jaime A. Davidson aka Gringo "El Original"
James "Jaime" Alexander Davidson, Sr. (a/k/a “Gringo ‘The Original'”), “ORIGINAL FOUNDER OF THE CULTURE OF REGGAETON then known as "Reggae in Spanish", “recorded in Brooklyn, New York with his Dancehall Reggae team called “BABYQUAKE HI-POWER" is a Panamanian artist who preceded El General and Nando Boom, being "the only Panamanian” in the HEART OF THE DANCEHALL REGGAE of the early 80’s, singing for ”EARTHQUAKE HI-POWER “and in 1984 starting his own sound system of music known as “BABYQUAKE HI-POWER” representing all of Latin America with the “great power of the Panamanian culture” against other sounds who were playing their music--countries and cultures such as: Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, Grenada, Canada, England and America, etc.., to name some, in a non-competing numbers and / or very intense innovative music.

In 1985 with the grace of God, Babyquake's first live clash to promote the culture of Hip-Hop/Reggae called “LADI-DADI-MEETS-SLIM Thing” at the Sunset Club Paradise on Flatbush and Caton Avenue was a win for the sound system. In 1986, their victory was repeated in the Biltmore Ballroom winning the No. 1 place to represent the whole area of Flatbush against the 4 best teams in Dancehall Reggae in that area during that time.

The General and Nando Boom followed me to New York to work with Jamaican producers, Carl Miller of VP Records in Jamaica, Queens and Carlton “Rohan” Barrett of SuperPower Records in Brooklyn, New York. The ground was “VERY WELL PAVED” by my “SACRIFICES AND RESPECT IN THE STAGE OF DANCEHALL REGGAE” The Jamaican and American public, etc., “ACCEPTED THE REGGAE IN SPANISH” that evolved like any other music to REGGAETON! where the public was saying, “I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE (GRINGO / JAIME RANKS, in the 80’s), is saying, but it sounds good!”

In 1991, Jaime Ranks was successful in a competition with another team called "Nuclear Atomic Hi-Power" with Shaggy (aka Mr. Boombastic), against my team with my BabyQuake artists: Screechie Dan, James Bond, Coolie Ranx and Louie Ranks famous with his hit, “TYPEWRITER” (known to many as “OX” on American movie called “Belly”) with the two artists in Hip-Hop, Naz and DMX, there to witness this victory. Back then, the majority of Jaime's songs were written in English and Spanish. Jaime recorded the first songs mixed with Reggae: Hip-Hop, Calypso, Merengue, Salsa, Dancehall Reggae and Christmas music (with: Henry Hierro, Henry Castro and Ledesma), and other producers like Mr. Doo (famous for the success of Coco Tea “Rikers Island”) and Orlando Lee (who traveled from Panama, leaving his business to the World Music Distributor USA), to record my production, “DONDE LO CONSEGUISTE ,” which was the inspiration for the culture of Reggaeton. My first CD was completed in Kingston, Jamaica, January 1992, signed with J & N Records (Juan And Nelson) and Sony Discos.

Every time someone suggests that Reggaeton was born in Puerto Rico and/or other countries, those fell rather quickly by telling him to do the “Review of the ‘DNA'” of the 2 original tracks. Reggaeton was born in Brooklyn, New York, “GRAN PODER DE LA CULTURE DE PANAMA,” and these two tracks are: TRAILER LLENO DE GUIALES (Gringo “The Original”) and Vengo Caliente (Gringo "The Original's" artist, Tito “The Town Crier,” which Jaime co-wrote and trained the singer how to rap right in the recording studio. We made an enormous contribution to the music industry with a new genre.


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PR 6358 Gringo (23) Gringo(CD, Album, Promo) Pravda Records PR 6358 US 1995 Sell This Version

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3281 Tanya Stephens, Gringo (23), Lady Danger Tanya Stephens, Gringo (23), Lady Danger - Me And U / If You Want Me(7") Bigga Headz Production 3281 Unknown Sell This Version