Garrison was a post-hardcore/punk band based in Boston, Massachusetts from 1996-2004. Ed McNamara and Joe Grillo shared lead vocal, guitar, and songwriting duties. Their sound was largely influenced by early post-hardcore, most notably Drive Like Jehu, and also incorporated components of post punk, shoegaze, and emo. In their eight years, Garrison released two full-length albums, both on Revelation Records, as well as three EPs, two split EPs, and one early single released as a 7" vinyl record.

After officially disbanding in 2004, members of Garrison went on to play with Pointillist, Instruction, Fires, The Fly Seville, Gay for Johnny Depp, Campaign for Real-Time, The Rise Park, Placer, and Kill Verona.

Sites:Facebook , Bandcamp , Instagram , Wikipedia
Members:Andrew White (18), Ed McNamara, Ethan Dussault, Guy D'Annolfo, J. Morrissette, Jason Carlin, Johnny Ledoux, Joseph Grillo




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